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EXCEL- Free exercise for cancer survivors

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What is Project EXCEL? 

EXCEL is a 5-year Canada-wide project, funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), and the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF). This implementation science project will increase the accessibility of exercise programs for rural and remote cancer survivors, empowering them to move more and thus achieve the many benefits that being physically active provides.   


Why is EXCEL being offered? 

Cancer treatments result in negative side effects that can impact daily activities, physical function, well-being, and quality of life. Evidence supports the benefit of physical activity and exercise to improve quality of life for most cancer types, at every stage of treatment and recovery. Many urban centres in Canada offer cancer-specific exercise programs, however rural and remote areas tend to lack exercise resources to support cancer survivors, resulting in lower activity levels, poorer health, and diminished quality of life.  


What is the goal of EXCEL? 

EXCEL will implement exercise programs so that rural and remote cancer survivors can benefit from exercise as a self-management strategy to improve overall physical activity levels, health, and quality of life. 

By partnering with healthcare providers and community fitness experts, we will an evidence-based exercise program that has been implemented widely in Alberta, the Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) program. In the Maritimes, a program based on ACE, called Activating Cancer Communities through an Exercise Strategy for Survivors (ACCESS) will be widely disseminated as part of EXCEL. This dissemination and implementation work will create accessible, effective, and enjoyable exercise resources to more cancer survivors, across Canada.  


What is EXCEL offering? 

EXCEL will be offering FREE, 12-week exercise classes designed specifically for individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. We are offering classes online through a secure video-conferencing platform, and where possible, in-person (post-COVID). Exercise classes will run twice a week in a circuit-style, focusing on cardiovascular, resistance training, balance, and stretching exercises. Our class instructors will also provide education to support your commitment to being more physically active.  


What are the benefits of taking part in EXCEL classes? 

table of benefits


If you are a rural cancer survivor and want to find out more... 

Or if you are a community fitness professional or with a cancer support organization, and want to support cancer survivors in moving more... 

Please contact us via email at 



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