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Does anyone have suggestions on how to manage the chemo side effects? I have lots of fatigue, cold sensitivity and feel mentally drained. I have been trying to eat healthy but my Oncologist told me it doesn't matter what I eat??? I read ...
Aspen Category Colorectal 3h
Hello, I have recently diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer. Hoping to connect with others who have gone through this.
Hi, folks! So I was diagnosed with stage 3 IDC im March 2021 , had chemo, single mastectomy and all lymph nodes removed on my right side, radiation and targeted therapy which I completed in June/2022...I just had another mammogram which ...
getbusyliving Category Breast 4h
If you remember my first chemo day, you'll remember it was delayed because I hadn't taken the anti-nausea medication. The nurses taking care of me said something went wrong, but they gave me an IV version. During the past two weeks, the ...
Hello. Everyone.. Today, I went to hear pathology report after my surgery. 9 positive out of 14 lymph nodes.. sigh.... ....... ...... After i hear the number, I felt like I was in a different room, like unreal.. I am BRCA1+/ ER + 8/ PR +6/ ...
jbeannie Category Breast 1d
We are out of treatment options for pancreatic cancer. During discussions with our doctor, the Mayo Clinic came up as an option to explore for further treatments not available in Canada. Has anyone gone to the Mayo Clinic for treatment ...
Not sure if I ever formally introduced my self, so here we go, bit of a catch up too…. My name is Stephen, I am a 72-year-old male, caregiver to my wife who is 78 years old. We have not had the services of a GP since April 2022. Jan 4 2023 went to ...
I’m considering a bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction and I would really like to hear from those who have chosen the same. I need to make my decision very quickly.” Thanks
MSG1960 Category Breast 1d
I am the partner of a BRCA1 individual who is scheduled for preventative double mastectomy surgery 1 month from today. Cancer is not present at this point in time, but she wants to be as proactive as she can be for her future. I am looking ...
I have had HDR Brachytherapy and external beam radiation treatment for prostate cancer. I am trying to find people who have had the same experience, without success. So far it has been a lonely journey.
SBP Category Prostate 1d