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hello, yesterday, my mother accused my partner of making bad decisions about her cancer treatment. She said she should have done things differently but couldn’t give me one example of what she should have done. I might be able to write ...
I will be starting radiation treatment to my left breast area in 2 weeks. I have read that it is important to moisturize the skin while undergoing radiation and that we should use water based cream rather than oil based. Does anyone have ...
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Dear Canadian Lung Cancer Patients, A group of lung cancer patients are conducting this survey with a common interest in research on lung cancer. Anxiety, fear and worry are common concerns among lung cancer patients. While mental ...
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Hi, I work for Canadian Blood Services and I am here to offer support to those looking for an unrelated stem cell/bone marrow donor. Please visit for more information on help finding a match and to join the ...
Hi, it has been some time since I was here last, I was diagnosed with ILC of the left breast, and had a single mastectomy in May 2021. I was told I had to lose weight before I could be considered for reconstructive surgery, many years ago I had ...
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Just an update on my journey I had my surgery on Wednesday January 25th and I was sent home the next day I’m feeling pretty good so far but I haven’t been able to look at my incision. Somehow I’m having a hard time with it. How long does it take ...
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I just finished 20 radiation treatments . Wondering if anyone will share how you felt after the radiation. My treatments were on the right side of my right lung.
When getting a useful second opinion at MSK in NYC, they recommended we do their IMPACT test, which analyses some 500 genes after sending them pathology slides. They have also recommended we do a ...
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Looking to connect with someone who has been diagnosed with thymoma to discuss treatment options etc.
Anyone else land in hospital for a week after Ribociclib-kasqale?? I finished first 21 days and felt great throughout the whole time. 24 hour after I landed inhospitable with super low white blood cell count, high fevers, sick from ...