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Has anyone heard of the additional specific term “Spread Through Air Spaces Present” connected with their diagnosis? What does it mean and what type of additional treatment is helpful in order to help stop recurrence in the future? It ...
KevinD Category Lung 2h
Hi everyone. I am currently trying to navigate through a Vulvar Melanoma Diagnosis and have already had 2 surgeries. I know it's not the most common cancer but I was hoping maybe someone who's had it as a young adult can chat with me about ...
Cramsay Category Gynecologic 3h
I’ve got it, but I’m struggling to know how I got it?
BethMcCBab Category Gynecologic 4h
Monday I'm starting my chemo/radiation. Just wondering if anyone can provide what side effect they went through with Etoposide and Cisplatin . According to the side effects listed on the documentation is received, things sound ...
Hope2022 Category Lung 7h
I’ve just, 2 weeks ago, completed Brachytherapy HDR procedure and though still experiencing some side effects (some burning and urgency) generally feel pretty good. Monday I begin 15 sessions of external beam radiation. Hoping ...
Ranch Category Prostate 10h
Good morning, received some rather devastating news yesterday. The cancer has progressed since January undetected despite at least 3 scans. Had chemo/radiation with good results and 13 durvalumab treatments before pneumonitis ...
Oriole Category Lung 10h
Hello, I have a foreign insurance outside of Canada that requires a medical report showing my diagnosis and ICD code (International Classification of Diseases). It seems that they want a single sheet that has all information.. like ...
LVL999 Category Money matters 17h
Pink dalhia
Hi everyone. I met with radiation oncologist during chemo to prep for radiation. I had last chemo infusion on mar 01 ‘22. When we spoke we agreed upon doing rad (15 tx) starting April 15th. so I finish chemo and am waiting for start date. I ...
Pink dalhia Category Breast 19h
Looking to contact with someone who had the 5 days radiation..: instead of the 15 day
Oma Category Introduce yourself 20h
Hi good morning everyone, this is my first post here. My screen name is Jessica and I was diagonsed with stage 3b ovrian cancer in February. I did the debulking surgery and I’m doing my 6th chemo june 2. Chemo has been the hardest thing I’ve ...
jess222 Category Ovarian 1d