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Radiation burn / how to stop clothing stick8ng to burn
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Can someone out there tell me how this process works? With the first surgery to remove the cancer, what are the steps involved after that and how much time does it take from the initial surgery. Do you get a mastectomy when they remove the ...
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I had my first round of Doxetaxel a few days ago and have started my Filgastrim injections. I’ve been suffering with major body aches, fatigue and loss of taste buds. Has anyone else felt his way? How long until it starts to subside?
Hello. I had a lumpectomy August 9 for DCIS 2.5 cm tumour. Now I have radiation starting soon. The doctors in Regina have offered me a choice of 16 regular treatments versus 5 concentrated doses over 5 days. I live four hours from Regina. ...
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I had a CT update recently and having troubles grasping the findings. My initial sinus tumor required chemo and 33 radiation doses to my head Nov/Dec 2020. They think the mass is in a necrosis state but still there. This year they found ...
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I am wondering if there are any services available to help care for pets while going through treatment. I am the mother of 2 six year old great danes Bonnie and Clyde who are providing me with soooo much love as I deal with this. I am recently ...
I am 49 year old female with a husband and two adult child. I recently was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and had a lumpectomy now chemo and then radiation to follow. Things are going well until my genetic testing came back ...
I have 4 days to decide my choice of surgery which happens sept 27 th I have a 2 ½ centimetres IDC and some nodes to come out. I want a double mastectomy with flat enclosure . My surgeon will give to me but thinks a lumpectomy first to see if it ...
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Hi, my name is Maureen. My aunt (who is more like a sister <3 ) told me about this community, for which I am so grateful. My Mom survived stage 4 cancer 16 years ago and is now in palliative care for returned cancer. My daughter and I are ...
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elle29 here is news in treatment and detection