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Hi all I had a lumpectomy for DCIS in August, and radiation in October, and I didn't need any further treatment. But in the last week or so, I have felt pain in that breast-just kind of achey, and not all the time. I asked my doctor and she said ...
Tan65 Category Breast 17m
I completed my treatments for stage 2a TNBC on Sept 15, 2021 (chemo, lumpectomy + 3 nodes, radiation & Capecitabine) and I am currently in recovery mode with NED. I have been seeing a naturopath for just over 1 year and she has supported me ...
Rochelle Category Breast 3h
I read this story today, and it brought back the shock and fear, and literally the disbelief when I was told that a Plan B Stage IV surgery surgery needed after a failed immunotherapy clinical trial would be months away. It was completed ...
Hello Everyone hi is has been a journey to say the least! Having chemo for for 6 months then waiting. Bone scan told I had cancer in the bone and the liver plus colon! Then a month later no cancer in bone or liver yea!! Now surgery on Jan 24 with ...
Hi84 Category Colorectal 14h
I got diagnosed with prostate cancer a few weeks ago and i am looking at my options. Does anyone know some one who had a Hifu treatment done?
I'm looking forward to getting to know others going through this journey. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer early January and meet with the oncologist this week. Mostly just anxious about the future at this point and trying not to ...
SusanC Category Introduce yourself 23h
Hi there, my dad was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He’s 63. I’m looking for any advice or guidance. We haven’t met with the oncologist yet. The back story is that he has been loosing weight over the past year or so. We assumed ...
Daniella Category Pancreatic 1d
my sister is now going thru chemo after having a small lump removed from her breast.. while she says she has all the support she needs with her hubby and kids around her - I would like to have the contacts ready to give to them if something ...
Hello, I have just joined this site after completing my chemo therapy. I had my 4th treatment then ended up in the hospital with Colitis. My first week in the new year in the hospital. Happy New Year to me. I am still taking antibiotics ...
Has anyone been exercising in between chemo (other than walking) anyone cardio?