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Hello, I have a foreign insurance outside of Canada that requires a medical report showing my diagnosis and ICD code (International Classification of Diseases). It seems that they want a single sheet that has all information.. like ...
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Pink dalhia
Hi everyone. I met with radiation oncologist during chemo to prep for radiation. I had last chemo infusion on mar 01 ‘22. When we spoke we agreed upon doing rad (15 tx) starting April 15th. so I finish chemo and am waiting for start date. I ...
Pink dalhia Category Breast 6h
Looking to contact with someone who had the 5 days radiation..: instead of the 15 day
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Hi good morning everyone, this is my first post here. My screen name is Jessica and I was diagonsed with stage 3b ovrian cancer in February. I did the debulking surgery and I’m doing my 6th chemo june 2. Chemo has been the hardest thing I’ve ...
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Hi everyone,I am so grateful to have found this site and I’m hoping to connect to everyone as we go through this together. I am 45 years old and in December I was diagonsed with stage 3b ovrian cancer. I’m doing my 6th chemo june 2 and ct scan ...
This go has been better, looks like my choices do have an impact on how I feel at this point at least. I've respected my body when it says stop, sit, eat something, drink something. My scalp started hurting with the hair loss yesterday so ...
Hi everyone! I am scheduled for a double mastectomy on June 1st but keep flip flopping on what to do. I was hoping you could share your decision making process, in hopes I might be able to settle on a decision. I am 50yrs old with stage 3 ...
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Good morning! I received my treatment schedule and see that I have brachytherapy for stage 3 cervical cancer scheduled for mid-June. Looking for feedback here or via direct message. This has been a worry of mine from day one, but I have ...
Hi everyone, my mom will be doing her PETSCAN today. But we still don't know how long we will have to wait until we see the oncologist. She is stage 4 breast cancer. I'm located in BC. I'm wondering if anyone have a general idea on how long the ...
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Today I am shaky irritable thinking I can’t breathe everything is getting to me up at 2 am crying cannot focus does this mean end is near
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