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My treatment plan that had been agreed on between my oncologist and surgeon at Princess Margaret was to be Folfox, after my first treatment in December I experienced severe chest pains which my oncologist said was because of the pump I ...
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Hi All, Looking for advice and ecperiences with immunotherapy. My cancer started as vulvar and has now spread. Thank you so very much
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I'm being treated for Stage 3 C uterine cancer. I had 3 chemo treatments pre-surgery, then surgery, and now 3 more chemo treatments, maybe 6. The number depends on a CT scan in 2 weeks. The pathologist report after surgery was very ...
Hi all So my question for the day is has anyone after having a dbl mastectomy and full node dissection has issues with their cancer side arm that had the removal going numb , weakness , feeling squeezed/ pain ? These are the current ...
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I would like to talk about a circumstance I experienced that was kind of stressful for me as a cancer survivor. I read a lot of biographies/memoirs and there was a time when almost every book had a horror story and death of someone who had ...
Hello Again - I received my pathology results this week from my mastectomy. Residual disease was found as follows: - 6 cells of IDC in the breast - Approx 64mm of DCIS in the breast - Trace cancer cells in one sentinel node (<0.2mm) - ...
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Good morning, everyone. May I ask two questions: 1. When responding to a post, how do I tag the person so he/she knows? I noticed when I was new, it happened automatically, but now the text is all in black so I assume that means no one is being ...
Sharing an update from my scans on Monday... chest X-ray and MRI. Both scans came back clear! DX stage 4 with a single liver met in October 2019 at 42 y/o. Partial colectomy (sigmoid removed - 20cm), liver met treated with CAPOX - 4 rounds ...
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I am feeling extreme stifness in the hips,old age,probably,i am 86 Any know of help?