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I am looking for a solution solution for tongue cancer and deep depression. My relative has tongue cancer recurrence along with deep depression unable to come out of it . Are there any helpful counsellor or any helpful tips from people ...
Hello everyone! Please join me in welcoming some of our new members this week! I invite you all take a moment to say hello down below and soon other members of the community will say hello too. @Alex81 @imhere @DDnccRCC2021 @Lorrie55 ...
I’ll be going for my third round of chemo (Docetaxel/Toxatere) on Monday. Has anyone also stopped having their period while going through this treatment? I’ve been bloated and cramping but no period (no chance of pregnancy)
Hello! I am writing for any perspective on what my mom is currently going through. In mid-August I took her to ER with a distended belly, after a CT, was told she had metatstatic cancer but as they were not sure of the primary source, ...
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Is lung cancer realy bad? How do I deal with it.
Caring for someone with stage 4 Prostate and Bone cancer
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Hi. This quite an interesting, if long, article from the BBC in the UK about a husband and wife from Wales both of whom have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It speaks to the need for men also to check for lumps etc and to be aware that it is ...
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I am new to this site but grateful I found it. Until now, cancer was totally foreign to me. My 39-year-old son had just started a new career and was as healthy as a horse. He had beaten melanoma a couple of years ago but got the all-clear. A few ...
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Hello support team. I have been reading the daily digest each morning and lots of questions get answered. Hubby from PEI (73) and I from AB (60) have only been together 14 years. 10 of those in PEI, 2 on the road full time RVing, 1 year back in ...
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Has anyone found any ways to help with scalp soreness....?? Any information or suggestions welcome...