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Just thought I'd let some of you know (since I had a few inquiries) that I had my colonoscopy today (and an upper GI endoscopy) and 2 polyps were found just past my sigmoid resection. My previous colonoscopy which found cancer was ...
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hello all, and thank you for reading my first post. My brother has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. It is limited to his left lung, lower lobe, and it has attacked on lymph node, so it is limited. No surgery recommended but ...
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Hello Everyone! I am very new to this site only having signed up yesterday (March 4). I had been diagnosed with stage 4 oropharyngeal throat cancer back in March of 2019. I met with the surgeon/specialist 4 days later and had a biopsy 2 ...
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Hi hope everyone is doing well, saw a gynaecological oncologist for an exam and he said he could feel the anal tumor thru my vaginal wall has anyone ever been told that and if so does that mean it’s growing through the wall or no ???
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Hello, I'm Laurie. 2020 was not a great year. My cousin died of brain cancer in March. my friend died of a heart attack in May, my mother (we are very close) had two strokes and was diagnosed with ALS in May, I was diagnosed with breast cancer ...
I'm almost at the end of my chemo treatments. My recent ultrasound showed my two tumours measuring 1.5 cm are now gone. The tumours were at the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock positions. The cancer had metastasized to one node. I've opted for a ...
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Hello everyone I was diagnosed with stage 3B rectal cancer March of 2020. I went through chemo and radiation last spring and had my surgery July 7 2020 then went for more chemo until Christmas. It's been 3 months since my last chemo and my ...
Hi, I'm Esther & I'm savouring favourite tastes right now in case chemo ruins food for me again in the next while. I kcompleted a year of cancer treatment 2 years ago and the nausea and altered flavours were distressing then. The nausea ...
Hi PeggyNL ‍ , we are in FORUMS, discussions/ Cancer types/ Breast. Would you like to tell your story here? Do you have any questions? Just click on the REPLY button, and type your message. Elsie13
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