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I have hormonal positive inflammatory breast cancer. I am on week one of my second round of FEC-D. My symptoms seem to be getting worse. Has anyone else experienced this?
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I have hormonal cancer with inflammatory breast cancer In my right breast and one lymph node. Had 12 weeks of chemo every 3 weeks followed by 12 weekly treatments. MRI has shown improvement. No sign of anything in the left breast. But I ...
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Hello Community! We are having some trouble with @ mentions or tagging in our community that are currenlty being looked into. In the meantime auto tagging by clicking the reply button on a post is working. Sorry for the inconvenience, ...
My sister has been getting treatment for colon cancer since a June 2021 diagnosis. So as a family we're still learning, but not exactly new to this. After being on CancerConnect for a while and tuned in to all the cancer stories in the ...
I have critical illness insurance for my mortgage.. I was wondering if anyone else has been through the process with making a claim and how it is done. I had a single mastectomy and ready for chemo starting Dec 6 .
Hi all, I had breast cancer last year and luckily I'm now cancer free. I have a question about health insurance. I'm on a 1-year contract position with an organization that offers health insurance benefits. For the past several months ...
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Has anyone heard of any research or trials using IV Lidocaine for post-mastectomy pain? Is this pain a common side effect or more unusual?
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I've have lost friends and family members to cancer, but never really thought it could happen to me. I live on a small farm in sw Ontario with my soul mate and numerous rare breed animals that we raise here. I guess it's only fitting that I ...
hi there, I am healing slowly and its getting better but I was wondering if I can use something like vitamin e oil or ointment untill radiation time . I always found that vitamin e is good for healing or should wait untill the stitches ...
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Thank you to Cancer donors! For many years donations have been given to cancer research and development, and like most people when asked ,happily donated,but always in the back of my mind, after losing family and friends to this ...