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Hi PeggyNL ‍ , we are in FORUMS, discussions/ Cancer types/ Breast. Would you like to tell your story here? Do you have any questions? Just click on the REPLY button, and type your message. Elsie13
Elsie13 Category Breast 7h
Connection access ? #1 Often I find I cannot not access easily the links to read resources on CCS #2 Also cannot find ‘ Advanced Cancer ‘ page to connect? . #3 Is there a place on our Dashboard or Profile to save this ? Using them frequently ...
Hello! I will be starting on the hormone blocker Exemestane soon and would love to hear about experiences from people that have used it. Thank you:-)
My name of MJ DeCoteau and I am the executive director of Rethink Breast Cancer ( ) – a Canadian patient group dedicated to building community for young women dealing with breast cancer and providing ...
Managing Symptoms and Side Effects Some cancers cause symptoms, which are changes in your body. Treatments for cancer can also cause unwanted symptoms, or side effects. Examples of symptoms and side effects include nausea, ...
Hi. I am having a marginal mandibulectomy in a couple of weeks which involves removal of four teeth and a neck dissection. Has anyone in the group dealt with this and can tell me what to expect? My doctor tells me he can cure this - can I ...
SuzyQ Category Head and Neck 16h
My surgery is scheduled in a couple weeks. I've been through "neoadjuvant" chemo and radiation treatment and am recovering well from that. I am (understandably, I think) a bit nervous about this procedure. It would be interesting to ...
Arby1 Category Digestive 17h
It’s been almost a year since my lumpectomy for IDC, Grade 1, stage 1. I had an MRI in August that came back clear, but had a mammogram last week which I got a call back for. I’m freaking out. I have very dense breasts and my doctor said it may be ...
Kellbella Category Breast 17h
I'm wondering what others have done regarding the bladder symptoms of burning on voiding, spasms, pain, etc...started feeling like something was up with my bladder yesterday and today, wow, burning and constantly feeling ...
This shortened RADiation treatment week plan in use already in other countries
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