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Going for scans to Grand River Tuesday--wondering if anyone has any experience with treatment there? Thanks!
Joycebabe Category Breast 3h
Hi everyone, I have a mammogram and left breast ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday at Grand River Hospital ordered by my doctor this past Monday. The issue is that since this past Monday, the pain has only increased and now, when I take a ...
Joycebabe Category Breast 8h
Marks Story from Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Personal Story
Trillium Category Testicular 9h
My husband was diagnosed with large cell lung cancer stage 3A in June, had a left lobectomy in September. Cancer was found in one lymph node upon pathology, so he completed 4 rounds of chemo, which finished 3 weeks ago. Since November, he ...
Daizygirl Category Lung 9h
Just sharing these tips that came out from the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) about screening mammograms in relation to getting the covid19 vaccine. sbi.jpg This came to light because apparently the vaccine can cause lymph node(s) ...
ashcon Category Breast 18h
Since July 15, 2014, I got sick. My doctor gave up and told me it was all in my head. Moving back to Toronto gave me some hope. 2018 I had eye, nose, and dental surgeries that corrected many of the 31 symptoms. Now 2021 there's a possibility ...
Hi I am 55 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer this week. It was thiught that I had found it early with a 7mm tumor which was ER and PR + and HER2 -. We were ready to skip along happily ever after. This week has been a roller ...
Hello Everyone, "Facts bring us to knowledge, but stories lead to wisdom.” The Canadian Cancer Society and Wellspring Calgary are excited to present the 2021 online Digital Storytelling Film Festival. Over the past 5 years, cancer ...
Please help! My dad is starting chemo treatment tomorrow after some large confusion and I feel completely not ready. The doctor seemed to rush us out and we only received the an information package today. Last week I called the primary ...
Hello everyone, I am usually on here answering questions rather than asking them. I have been having some blood level issues lately, with very low hemoglobin and very low platelets. I've had bloodwork a zillion times in the past few ...