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My husband has been told he has to switch his chemo protocol to Gipgemabr which is a combination of Gemciabine and Abraxane, but there is a shortage of this drug. He has a tentative treatment date of mid December if it becomes available by ...
Marj99 Category Pancreatic 1h
Hi , I’m 37 years old and was diagnosed on oct 12 /21 with Lymphoma. This has tore my life apart. I’m so scared, feeling lonely. I have my husband and daughters, but it just feels like no one can understand how I feel, I cry every day on and off. ...
Ann37 Category Introduce yourself 10h
Has anyone continued having low neutrophils while taking Grastofil? I’m nearing the end of 2 rounds of treatment. First was Paclitaxel weekly and Carboplatin every 3 weeks. And now I have done 2/4 cycles of Adriamycin and ...
Chantel Category Breast 12h
Hello! This is my first post. Never done this before but thought it might be helpful.
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Any tips regarding MRIs, particularly Pelvic MRIs ? Thank you. LLG
LLLG Category Uterine 17h
As most of you know home oxygen was not a milestone I was looking forward to. About 8 -10 days ago the big oxygen truck came and dropped off a oxygen concentrator, two carry bottles and a thingy that sits on top of the oxygen concentrator and ...
Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with with kidney cancer. It had spread to one of her overlies and caused a cyst that was the size of a melon. They removed the kidney and gave her a full hysterectomy. There was also a small mass on her hip ...
Hi there. I’m new to this community. I’m 55 and newly diagnosed with early stage breast cancer I’ve had a lumpectomy and am meeting with my surgeon this week to find out next steps. It’s been very emotional and exhausting
Hi everyone. I have a question about lymphedema. My left wrist area started to feel tight about 5 days ago, with some pain when I touched it. I thought I pulled something as I do lift weights. Then over the next few days tbe swelling has ...
maggiey Category Breast 1d
Hi everyone I had BC surgery late January and radiation ended in June. Since then have been on Tamoxifen. Aside from a host of common side effects, for the last few days I’ve had one that doesn’t seem to be listed. I noticed while soaping ...