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I had posted on the pre-diagnosis forum after having a biopsy done and suspecting I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. I think though the moment when they tell you it is not the news you are hoping for and that you do indeed have breast ...
Dakley Category Breast 28m
I am new to this forum but want to thank everyone for their input. I had Her2 BC diagnosis stage 2b in October 2018 and went through chemo, a lumpectomy and radiation. After treatment my oncologist told me to go on wth my life that I was ...
DarleneH Category Breast 1d
Roy L.
Hey all, If you are not aware Friday June 18 is #PlaidforDad day to support men with Prostate Cancer. I know its difficult these days to plan anything at work, but if you could get a group together or do it on you own that would be awesome. Get ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 3d
Hi all, just wanted to update you on whats going on with my husbands treatment. We finally have a medical oncologist that is seeing him on June 24th. Went to the mailbox and there was a letter regarding his appointment and blood work. ...
Ilse58 Category Head and Neck 3d
Hi everyone Thought I would share this Duravalumab News https://www.curetoday.com/.../imfinzi-may-contribute-to... Dianne
dreamweaver Category Lung 3d
Hi, My name is Debbie and I am interested in speaking through this blog with someone who has been through or going through rectal cancer and where to go after the diagnosis as far as getting radiation and chemo. Looking for guidance ...
D33 Category Colorectal 3d
Hi, My brother who is 41 has just been diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer! He felt a lump under his right ribcage in April and from there he has been doing tests (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and bloodwork) The doctors at sunnybrook ...
NC77 Category Digestive 4d
June 2020 I had surgery to remove the lung cancer stage 2 and the doctor said it was curative. December 2020 I was diagnosed with brain mets hence stage 4 lung cancer. I had radiation and that has cleared that. My oncologist recommended ...
Susan57* Category Lung 6d
my handle is iam1.iam interested in discussions on prostate cancer
iam1 Category Prostate 8d
Hi there I have completed chemo (March 25, 2021) and radiation (May 21, 2021) for TNBC (stage 1, grade 3, clear margins). My follow up is next week with chemo oncologist. How long post treatment are you checked to see if everything went ...
SarahDawn Category Breast 8d
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