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@Haemish Hi Greg…….I believe your CT scan (lip area) was yesterday……..how did it go? If you know when you get the results……share with us (if you feel comfortable). Thinking of you…… Regards Whitelilies
Whitelilies Category Colorectal 41m
I've been diagnosed with atypical lobular hyperplasia recently and my specialist recommended that I get a surgery to remove the cyst and check if it's cancer or not. But it won't lower the risk for breast cancer even though it is a benign ...
YC719 Category Breast 3h
Runner Girl
How many of you who have had breast cancer are now cold all the time? Have you discussed this with your doctor? Have you found any answers as to why? I am freezing cold all of the time. I seem to feel best at a room temperature of 25 degrees ...
Runner Girl Category Breast 1d
Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great with everything. I was booked for my second chemo session which canceled due to low neutrophils.Any experience, suggestions? I am really sad about it and Desperately I want to do something to help ...
Narges Category Colorectal 1d
Hi All, I want to give you an update on where I am at today. I am 8 weeks of recovery post mastectomy (left side) after a punch biopsy diagnosis of Paget's disease of the breast. Background: I had an eczema like rash on the areola and nipple. ...
Kit08 Category Breast 2d
What was your experience re swelling from sentinel node removal at the time of surgery. My swelling is circular under armpit, front and back areas with considerable swelling up the front of my right chest area. Feels like a huge balloon ...
KauaiMouse Category Breast 2d
Hi everyone; In May I had a CT scan done and the results were sent to my oncologist. He informed me that there was no change in the tumor in my lung. He said the good news was it didn't get bigger. He didn't know about my 2 lymph nodes as the ...
dreamweaver Category Lung 3d
So I am to start next week on chemo with2 weeks on and two weeks off etc. So can anyone tell me anything about this as I want to know what you have gone thru if you care to share if of course rather than some book or pamphlets say. I am stage 3 low ...
Hanley72 Category Prostate 3d
Hello everyone, sorry it has taken so long to update , I had my first iv chemo (oxaliplatin) last Thursday and well let me say it knocked me right on my arse,did have an allergic reaction while it was being infused( hands locked, throat ...
Mamabear41 Category Colorectal 4d
Hi Ladies I am new in this forum. I was diagnosed Breast Cancer on August, 2020 , I had cancer with 2 stages on both of my breast. My left breast had stage0 DCIS 5cm (grade 3) and beside it there were stage 1B IDC with multi focal tumors ( grade ...
my46 Category Breast 4d
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