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Can you tell me your experiences with the wait times for surgery and tests and treatment. I had a lumpectomy at the end of October, had my follow up with my surgeon 3 weeks later and I need lymph node surgery next. Then chemo. Waiting to get ...
CazM Category Breast 9h
@ ?#*sjm226 (Please allow me to re-post your message, from your Profile “wall”….to be here, under the Breast Cancer Forum)…this was more members can read it…..and respond and share greetings your way. You are NOT alone….we are here, ...
Whitelilies Category Breast 11h
Patient Values Preferences Survey: We invite adults (18+) metastatic & non-metastatic Canadian Colorectal Cancer patients and/or caregivers to participate in our Colorectal Cancer Patient Values Survey. The purpose of this ...
My Symptoms Matter Survey : We are inviting Canadian adults (18+) who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC) within the last 10 years to participate in our Colorectal Cancer Patient Experiences with Family Practitioners ...
I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed. 2 lymph nodes had cancer. I did all other required test prior to chemo treatments. CT, heart scan, bone scan and blood test. Well I got the news today that they ...
Teddycoco Category Breast 1d
Hi all, i was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We are in the staging phase. It was found by a regular ultrasound that identified a swollen lymph node. The mammogram was normal. The node was biopsied and was consistent with ...
mnew Category Breast 2d
I had the initial appointment with the gynaecologist and he did an examination (not surprising) and then took the biopsy sample right there in his office. Doctor: all right, you are going to feel a little pinch. Me: SCREAMING IN AGONY. ...
muumi Category Colorectal 2d
hi there, I have a follow up with surgeon tomorrow, the initial appt wasn't untill the 14th but I wanted one before radiation consult and start o radiation. I am only 3 weeks out from masectomy and slowly healing and there is still ...
sun46 Category Breast 2d
Hi friends, I was diagnosed IDC Nov. 1,2022.Met with surgeon Nov21 and found out I was HR ++, and HER2 equivocal, grade 2. If more sensitive FISH test came back + then a month of radiation before surgery. If - then tentative SNB and ...
saltspringgirl Category Breast 3d
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