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So I've started chemo and know that I am now one of the imnocomprimised people. Pre-pandemic, when patients were undergoing treatment - how careful were you around others? I know it's way easier to get covid than a cold, so recognize ...
jaycee Category Breast 1h
Ok she’s removing the lung node but did not say what type off cancer it was according to the pet scan it’s stage 1 but waiting on the surgery I got myself convinced it’s spread everywhere ,I don’t know much about it or did the surgeon tell me ...
Nannychloe Category Lung 4h
Hello, Turned out my 1A1 diagnosis was wrong. LEEP revealed I have stage 1B1 (7mm x 5.4mm) but removed with positive margins. Did a PET scan and MRI to be safe. The PET scan found ONE suspicious lymph node in the pelvis (not is shape, ...
Meli34 Category Cervical 13h
So today I had my post surgery meeting with the oncologist. They put me on a hormone pill but said there is a new procedure that tests the cancer cell genetics. If it give a low score than studies show that clients on the hormone pill with ...
Daf Category Breast 1d
I had my first consultation with my medical oncologist today (Sarnia has a specialist GI Oncologist in the cancer clinic, and a specialist colorectal surgeon, so I have a team of two cancer doctors). And she is a lovely person and ...
muumi Category Colorectal 1d
I would like to see how many people on here has had it done and success rate I got myself stressed I don’t wanna be alone so afraid to live
Nannychloe Category Breast 1d
The life span after this is still short and my doc is slow getting the surgery done she says stage one how quick does it spread
Nannychloe Category Lung 1d
Hello! Just needing some advice about neuropathy with Taxol - I had my first dose almost two weeks ago (after 4 rounds of AC) and the day after I had severe throbbing pain, redness and some swelling in my thumbs and first three fingers of ...
Michelle44 Category Breast 2d
On May 6, 2022, Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI) presented its first Annual Chodak Award to Dr. Laurence Klotz , University of Toronto professor and researcher and Chairman of the World Uro-Oncology Federation. ...
DSJ Category Prostate 3d
A month ago my hemotologist told me that I have multiple myeloma maybe mds. You can probably relate to the shock and tears I've shed. Not knowing what the 30+ blood tests will show. Also hard, is the waiting until August 3 rd to know how I am ...
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