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Recent Discussions

Hello. I just came from hospital after blood test and Ct scan, and I am on cancellation list for the Bone scan. My surgery is scheduled on March 1st but I guess that can be changed after my bone scan results. Hopefully, I can get the scan as ...
jbeannie Category Breast 1d
I am starting radiation treatment to my chest wall and my armpit area next week (I had a mastectomy without reconstruction). I will need 15 treatments. I am feeling so scared, nervous and anxious thinking about this. Please help! From ...
skyr Category Breast 1d
Girl In Toronto
Hi everyone! I was recently diagnosed with stage 1 endometrial cancer in late November and since then I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. Ive been thrown so much information and everything seems to be going in full speed. I’m 39 with no ...
Girl In Toronto Category Uterine 1d
I started my 5th treatment with Taxol on Friday and yesterday I experienced such terrible pain in my legs hips and back .. all night I was in restless pain that I couldn’t ease with Tylenol.. it seems to be subsiding today but I need to be ...
Sofie Category Breast 2d
Hi, I am just wondering if anybody here has non- cutaneous melanoma and how you were dealing with it? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Damien Category Skin 2d
Hello: I am new here so I may be posting in the wrong place. If I am, I apologise. I was curious if anyone has or had eye cancer. I have a choroidal malignant melanoma in my right eye. Considered as large. Through another unrelated issue 3 ...
Hi. I just finally finished my treatments for stage 1 breast cancer. I was lucky enough to qualify for just five radiation treatments. I was wondering if anyone else who had that can share their side effects or lack of them. It’s ...
Momster Category Breast 3d
Hi - Age 61 now. I was dx May 2021 - two lumpectomies, axilliary resection, finished chemo feb 2022, radiation April 2022. Stage III with lymph involvement. On letrozole and just did first Zolendraic IV last week which went ...
Jakmac Category Breast 4d
I've had a few more rounds of chemo and thought I would provide another update as to how I am doing. I've now done 13 rounds of chemo. Still on Gem/Car/Pembro/Keytruda. They've now added a 2nd rest week after my 2 chemo weeks and I can't even ...
Climbing Category Breast 4d
Hi, i have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I had a mastectomy on Jan. 12 and I have an apt with an oncologist this coming Tuesday. The surgeon sent me for a bone scan and I do not have the results yet. I am not sure what my ...
Iago Category Breast 4d
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