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Pink dalhia
So I’m finally ready to share where my story began. Feb 2021 was called to family doc office for Pap test. While there i requested a breast exam - and felt uncomfortable for asking. L side had a few small little spots which doc thought ...
Pink dalhia Category Breast 11h
2 25
My first day of radiation. Love the front of the machine
Dave58 Category Lung 19h
Good morning group! I introduced myself a while back in the thread below in the Intro forum. Just a quick summary, part of tongue removed, flap made from my forearm, chemo and radiation, and lymph nodes removed. My operation was April ...
r042wal Category Head and Neck 20h
Would like to talk with someone experiencing Vulva Cancer.
Hi I went for my blood work since my biopsy. It was PSA level 11, and then 2 months after, it came 8.71. My doctor asked to do it again, and it came 8.56 three weeks ago. I am going for another blood test tomorrow. Can someone please let me know? ...
Azr Category Prostate 1d
Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with triple + breast cancer in July. Yesterday I had my first round of chemo. Long day!! I slept for the last 3 hours. I am getting docetaxel/carboplatin/trastuzumab. I had a slight reaction to the docetaxal ...
ABBYB Category Breast 1d
Interested in hearing from others who have found a solution to joint pain while on ADT (lupron, eligard). What works. My primary complaint is with pain in my left knee but experience some pain in fingers as well as trigger finger in one ...
DSJ Category Prostate 1d
I have read about the chances of recurrence is a higher percentage during the first 5 years. But what I can't find out is when do I start counting. Is it when I've had my surgery? When I finished my chemo? If I am on an aromatase inhibiter, do I ...
Buffythevampire Category Breast 1d
Roy L.
So in my case my PCa was metastatic, it spread out of the prostate to form a tumor and also spread to my hip and femur and more recently to rib and shoulder. So when I was told my PSA almost tripled in 3 months I was concerned, ok I was freaked ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 2d
Roy L.
Good Monday Morning, This is going to be a bit of a long one and I have lost it 3 times so going to do it in parts. I had my 3 month Oncologist visit today, had a preview on Thursday when she called to tell me I need an x-ray on my shoulder as the bone ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 2d
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