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Recent Discussions

Hi all I had a lumpectomy for DCIS in August, and radiation in October, and I didn't need any further treatment. But in the last week or so, I have felt pain in that breast-just kind of achey, and not all the time. I asked my doctor and she said ...
Tan65 Category Breast 17m
I completed my treatments for stage 2a TNBC on Sept 15, 2021 (chemo, lumpectomy + 3 nodes, radiation & Capecitabine) and I am currently in recovery mode with NED. I have been seeing a naturopath for just over 1 year and she has supported me ...
Rochelle Category Breast 3h
Hello Everyone hi is has been a journey to say the least! Having chemo for for 6 months then waiting. Bone scan told I had cancer in the bone and the liver plus colon! Then a month later no cancer in bone or liver yea!! Now surgery on Jan 24 with ...
Hi84 Category Colorectal 14h
Hi there, my dad was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He’s 63. I’m looking for any advice or guidance. We haven’t met with the oncologist yet. The back story is that he has been loosing weight over the past year or so. We assumed ...
Daniella Category Pancreatic 1d
Hi, My 67 year old mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. There were two tumors found. One which is purely invasive ductal carcinoma and the second, invasive ductal carcinoma with lobular features. We met with a surgeon last ...
Sherri23 Category Breast 3d
I decided to pursue autologous breast reconstruction. I would like to hear your thoughts and relevant experiences. My boyfriend advised me to do some sit-ups to strengthen my abdominal muscle, but I am afraid to lose the fat tissue ...
Lina2022 Category Breast 3d
Hi, just learning how this site works. I have grade 3, invasive ductal carcinoma, HER2+. Beginning my neoadjuvant treatment on Jan 21. Still learning and very scared. Would like to chat with others dealing with this.
Hope6 Category Breast 4d
Anyone have any input on this drug or similar for bones while taking letrosole? I’m nervous of yet another drug .
Aud Category Breast 4d
Since being discharged from BC Cancer (Oct. 2020) I was told that I would need mammograms every 6 months for 5 years. I would also have a physical exam by my family Doctor every 6 months for 5 years. I am happy to share that my mammograms have ...
Buffythevampire Category Breast 4d
Hello, I just had a mastectomy followed by a breast expander on my right side on Dec 29 th (2 weeks post op). I am wondering if anyone else has had this done and if you had discomfort? I feel like there is a rock inside my body we’re the expander ...
Rustynail Category Breast 4d
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