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Hi Everyone, I am recently diagnosed TNBC, have had a lumpectomy and will have my first chemo infusion on Oct 3. As neuropathy is one of the common and lingering side effects of chemo, do any of you have any suggestions on things some of you ...
Niche Category Breast 3h
I had 20 rounds of radiation on the left breast, radiation ended August 2nd, on Friday Sept. 23rd I got an intense pain in my right sholder, had done nothing to induce it and it did not hit until about 4 pm, pain was so intense made me vomit, ...
t3t Category Breast 3h
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hi there, I am waiting for my Oct 12 surgical consult after finishing chemo. I had an mri after my cycles of the red devil and since then I had 12 pacitaxol treatments. I figured that I would have an mri to check on progress of the chemo before ...
sun46 Category Breast 5h
My daughter is on treatment 6 of 8 chemo treatments. Next week, she will be seeing the surgical oncologist for the first time. What should she be aware of or need to know about when discussing breast reconstruction after her mastectomy? ...
Ekmsmom Category Breast 19h
Below is a link to a very complex technical article on the mechanisms affecting immunotherapy associated with breast cancer. If you have plenty of spare time it may be worth reading. (You'll have to Google the source - sorry I can't get ...
DSJ Category Breast 1d
Hi I'm Laurie. I went through a full treatment for left breast cancer diagnosed as HER2 positive from last September to this April 2022. I receive Herceptin every 3 weeks. The pain and tingling in my fingertips and toes continues. Has ...
Lib Category Breast 3d
On Wednesday, October 19, 2022, The Peter Gilgan Centre for Women's Cancers in partnership with The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and with generous support from The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons are delivering a virtual ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Breast 3d
Cross-posting from the Breast Cancer page… looking to connect with anyone who had ER+ Breast Cancer and then subsequently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer (or Thyroid first, then Breast cancer). Thanks in advance and hope everyone is ...
mitymite Category Thyroid 3d
I had a screening mammogram 4 weeks ago (turned 50) that showed an area of concern. I had a core needle biopsy a week after that! My results were almost 2 weeks but came back as benign!! Yay!! A few minutes after I got the good news, Breast ...
Lisag Category Breast 3d
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