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I have finished 7 months of chemo 3 mths ago my feet have the worst side effects. They have blistered, pealed, blood, painful, red etc.. and now have neuropathy, red and purple and painful. are there others with the same? Any suggestions ...
Susan66 Category Colorectal 18h
My 60 y/o father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in December 2020. Since then he has tried several different types of treatment such as immunotherapy, targeted radiation and oral chemo. My husband doesn’t talk to his parents ...
Jessiesgrl Category Skin 22h
Hi everyone :) I'm new here and I've been reading a lot of your posts. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it's helping me feel not so alone. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 A1 and just yesterday I went to London for my first ...
Sunny4 Category Cervical 1d
New perspective, coles note version, surgery Nov. 25, 21 removed tumor, stage 1 phase 3, second tumor found on surgery day biopsy done and it was the same as the other tumor, all margins were clear and not in lymph nodes, the tumor went for ...
t3t Category Breast 1d
So, today, after a long wait from surgery, I had my first radiation treatment. I am having 20 in total, so I'll be getting them well into June. Been on Tamoxifen bout three weeks now, and so far, no serious side effects. I am using Glaxal ...
Beachalog Category Breast 1d
I am 72 , recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I'm waiting for August 3 appointment with the hemotologist to find out about the 30+ tests point to. Of course I've been to very dark places since my news. My question here is to learn if ...
just wondering, gotta a touch of a headcold, what can I take for a sore throat?
sun46 Category Breast 2d
Hi - surgery was 3 days ago robotic and I am noticing some tingling in my right leg at times especially thigh . I have read it happens but was wondering if it was anyone else's experience and what you did about it . Could be how I am tryin to ...
@Nannychloe Hello - Kindly…..if folks have any experience with Lung Nodule Removal/Surgery…..please share, here, with @Nannychloe , whose surgery is upcoming…and is seeking support and more…… We are here to support you! ...
Whitelilies Category Lung 3d
@Pepper22 Hello ……Kindly…..if you have any experiences to share, with Colorectal cancer, stage 3…..been given CAPOX……please reach out to @Pepper22 ( she gave me the green light….to post this on her behalf)….. @TravelBugMick ...
Whitelilies Category Colorectal 3d
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