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I began having a sore mouth a year ago. Nothing visible, just hurt to eat. Was diagnosed a week ago. Not going through chemo/radiation. My choice. Not eating enough at all. Starting to feel weak. Only eating ice cream and mashed ...
Benni Category Brain and Spinal 4h
Just quick question...did you find filtered water helped because of a "cleaner" water? Somebody had recommended I try a mineralized alkaline pitcher. To remove the extra hard stuff we drink. I'm brainstorming because the last round ...
ABBYB Category Breast 6h
I’ve had a lumpectomy and have estrogen and progesterone positive tumour. My lymph nodes are negative. Can anyone suggest questions I should be asking the oncologist?
Sadiemac Category Breast 18h
Two weeks ago my medical oncologist recommended that I take tamoxifen for 5 - 10 years. I'm having such a hard time going ahead with his recommendation. On the one hand, I'm obviously scared of a recurrence (he said about 20% chance) and ...
MissKitty Category Breast 1d
Roy L.
Hello fellow warriors and loved ones of warriors. I am a bit slow in posting this my brain is going going in more directions than it can handle right now. If you have read my past few posts you know I was in hospital, 43 days to exact. Got ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 1d
prostate cancer
Gol4dy7gY Category Digestive 1d
https://whri.org/announcing-the-2021-graduate-and-fellowship-award-in-womens-health-recipients/ I found this on BC Women’s Health Centre site , And not knowing there existed a Women’s Hospital or Health Centre in BC ? ...
elle29 Category Breast 2d
5 months out… thoughts…. So it's been 5 months since my surgery…. Hysterectomy and oophorectomy. So many thoughts have entered my mind. The one i was not expecting was guilt. Guilt about not being worse. I should be happy that my outcome ...
YEG-Heather Category Uterine 3d
I was diagnosed with AML in Sept 2021 and just had to move from Toronto to Ottawa to live with my daughter. I was hoping to find someone to talk with about my diagnosis or find a group in the area. Happy for any help or connections
SuzAlex Category Leukemia 5d
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