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Webcast - How understanding your brain can empower your life

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First - the good news:

We had our first live webcast this week with excellent reviews from those who were able to attend. Dr. Rob Rutledge spoke about "How understanding your brain can empower your life". We practiced skills and gained new ways to cope with stress and process those overwhelming feelings that often come with a cancer diagnosis. It was an inspiring hour.  We thank Eli Lilly, the event sponsor, for making the event possible.

Next - the not-as-good news:

We had planned to make the event available on demand so everyone would have a chance to view it right here on the site at their convenience. Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch and we can't upload it.

Finally - the good news again:

Dr. Rutledge has made an alternate video available. It's virtually the same content, and it covers the same themes. I know you will find it helpful. (It even has a Christmas tree in the background, like our event!)

Once you've viewed the video, please take a moment to complete the evaluation. It will help us plan future events on topics that interest you the most.


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