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Changes to our notification system

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We have recently updated our community's notification system, and as a result you will now be receiving one ‘daily digest’ email per day. In order to make this change effective, we unfortunately had to re-subscribe everyone to the daily digest. If you had previously unsubscribed yourself from the daily digest, please follow the steps below to unsubscribe again.

To access your account select ‘My Home’ from the main page of the community, followed by ‘My account’ from the drop down menu.


 Once you have accessed your account, select ‘Subscriptions’ to select (or de-select) digest options. Through this page, you can change the notifications you receive for discussions and news.


Through the  ‘Notification’ page, you are also able to control the notficiations you receive. By selecting 'Notification', for example, you will see that you are subscribed to receiving an email for all activities on the site.


To unsubscribe from the notification, de-select ‘Send me an email for all activities on the site’

As always please let us know if you have any questions about the site or our notification system, we appreciate your feedback.



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