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Huge wins for cancer supports & prevention in 2021 Federal Budget

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On Monday, April 19 the federal government released their 2021 Budget. It included several significant investments relevant to CCS and the cancer community, including:

  • An extension of the EI sickness benefit from 15 to 26 weeks. The extension, which will take effect in summer 2022, will provide approximately 169,000 Canadians every year with additional time and flexibility to recover and return to work.

  • Gains in tobacco control. The budget included two major wins for tobacco control: a tobacco tax increase of $4.00 per carton of 200 cigarettes, effective April 20, and a new tax on vaping products, effective in 2022. These measures will reduce both youth smoking and youth vaping.

  • Much needed investments in palliative care. Budget 2021 included a $29.8 million investment over six years to advance the government’s palliative care strategy with the goal of improving access to quality palliative care.

There were a number of other important investments for the cancer community including research investments, improved data collection and long-term care supports.  You can read the full 2021 Budget here.

To learn more  about CCS’s response to Budget 2021, click here.

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