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Building Connection Through Community

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When 30-year-old Nadia (AKA warriorwoman) discovered a lump in her breast, she didn't panic right away. She knew that lumps could develop at her age but decided to see a doctor to be sure. After undergoing an initial biopsy, she was told that cancerous cells had been found, and a few days later she received the shocking news that she had breast cancer.

To navigate this difficult time in her life, Nadia turned to, Canadian Cancer Society’s online community where people affected by cancer and caregivers can share their experiences and build supportive relationships with others who’ve been there. People living with all types of cancer can join the community and take part in discussions, exchange messages and share helpful information.

Through CancerConnection, Nadia shared her story and found support from others on their own breast cancer journeys who knew what she was going through.

“Being able to talk with others who had gone through similar experiences was comforting,” shares Nadia. “Sharing positive, funny anecdotes really helped me. It was amazing to be part of a forum where people affected by cancer could just be themselves.”


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