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Talking to someone who’s been there – there’s nothing like it!

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“I love my Peer Support Worker.  I was pretty specific re: who I wanted to talk with, and CCS delivered.  We had weekly calls, and continue to chat from time to time - so nice to have someone who can relate/share experiences with me like that. Highly recommended.” - Kaimana

The Canadian Cancer Society has a number of support programs, including our free peer support service. This confidential telephone service connects you with volunteers who listen, provide hope, offer encouragement and share ideas for coping – all from their unique perspective as someone who’s been there.

Many people who’ve used the service say it helped them get a better understanding of what to expect throughout their own or their loved one’s cancer experience, making them feel more hopeful and less anxious. It helped them cope.
There is nothing quite like talking to someone who understands what you’re going through because they’ve been there. It may be someone who had a treatment you’ve been considering or who had the side effects you’re experiencing. Or maybe it’s someone – like you – who had young children at the time of their diagnosis. We will match you up according to what is most important to you. With over 1,000 specially trained volunteers we have lots of experience to draw on.
Quite a few members on the community have benefitted from the program. I’d also like to give a shout out to the over 100 peer support volunteers who are also members of our community – thanks for all your help! 
So now that you’ve discovered our online community, perhaps you’d be interested in learning more about our telephone peer support program.

“Wondering how many of you took the Cancer Society up on their offer to speak with a peer support worker. I did and it was the best thing I ever did.”


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