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Sunday June 1st was National Cancer Survivor's Day. There's no need to limit the celebration to one day a year, though. Survivors are celebrated at every Relay for Life event. 

Relay For Life is a global movement against cancer, taking place in 20 countries worldwide, including over 500 communities across Canada. At Relay, we celebrate cancer survivors, surrounding them with an emotional wave of support as they walk the first lap of the event. In this moment, we celebrate survivors’ success in their battle with cancer and give hope to those still facing the disease.
The full Relay For Life experience is an overnight fundraising event with festival-like atmosphere that brings people together to celebrate life and fight cancer. Cancer survivors can register for free for the event by visiting

We have a few of the many survivor receptions listed in the Events section of the site, and also a Relay For Life group which is great for sharing stories about your experiences at Relay or telling us "why do you relay?" 


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