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Oncology Nursing Day

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Please take a moment to share a special story about an Oncology Nurse that impacted your life below...


I posted previously about my wonderful Home Care Nurse. She did more that assess me physically and attend to my PICC line, drain and sutures. She was someone I trusted to share my fears and concerns with. She always gave me good and personal responses to my questions - in a nut shell she really cared. Thank you Kim.

I can't just mention one nurse here. I thank all of my oncology nurses. They all cared and made me feel comfortable during my chemo,immunotherapy, radiation and then again during assessments, follow ups and consults.

A dedicated bunch that put so much of themselves into their vocation.

Thank you all for doing what you do for us!

ACH2015 - Andy.
  • Posted Thu 04 Apr 2019 12:26 AM EDT

When I went for my 4th chemo, I was a bit cold when I first sat in the chemo chair, so I wrapped the big scarf around my neck and shoulders. After about 45 minutes of pre-meds, my nurse, started the 3 hour Taxol drip.  Now I have this big scarf over my shoulders, and maybe just a small opening at my neck, but from across the room, my nurse calls out,  “Oh, look, you seem to have a rash on your neck.”  So she comes over and says it could be the scarf causing the rash, but it looks to her like a reaction to the Taxol.  The rash is actually all across my upper chest. So she stops the drip, and asks me if I’m feeling OK, and how is my breathing. So I let her know that I’m feeling fine. She gets on the phone with the doctor, and maybe 15 or 20 minutes later, they give me an additional pre-medication to combat side-effects. Then maybe half an hour after that, they restart the Taxol, so it was a very long day.  However, if she hadn't been observant, I could have developed breathing problems, and things could have been much worse. 
  • Posted Wed 03 Apr 2019 08:55 PM EDT
My Family had a very special nurse during my Dad's treatment. What I really appreciated was she took the time to check in with my Mom and make sure she was doing okay as a Caregiver. My Dad would always listen to her instructions so much better than ours so we would check in and let her know what he needed a reminder about! I will never forget the support she gave us.
  • Posted Tue 02 Apr 2019 05:35 PM EDT

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