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Restoring Body Image After Cancer:An ONLINE Support Group

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What is the study about?
The study purpose is to examine the usefulness of an online support group
for women with breast cancer on topics about body image and sexuality.
The study will assess the acceptance and effectiveness of the online group,
as well as satisfaction of participating in such a group.




As a breast cancer survivor I agree that restoring ones body image after breast cancer is extremely important. I can honestly say that I have found it very difficult to accept the new me.  My double mastectomy and latissimus dorsi reconstruction has had a profound impact on my self esteem, my emotional well being and my confidence when it comes to intimacy and sexuality.  
I think part of the issue is that we tend to keep these types of insecurities to ourselves because we don't want to seem ungreatful, selfish or vain.  Maybe opening up to others who feel the same would help to start a conversation about acceptance of ones self no matter our outward appearance.      
  • Posted Tue 18 Dec 2018 07:34 AM EST

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