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Have you ever thought about blogging?

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Have you ever thought you might like to start an online journal or a blog?

Thank you Kolombe for preparing this informative piece about blogging and sharing your insight with us!

Over time, I have had several different blogs. Currently active here on I have one called Can We Talk?, and through I have one about my cancer journey,, and one on prayer and other spiritual issues, Having said that, I am absolutely not an expert! I do not have millions of followers and am far from any type of internet celebrity. What I have is a little experience and an interest in helping you get started.

First, and possibly most importantly, let’s look at what you do not need to start a blog;
  • great writing talent
    • The type of blog to which I refer is personal. You do not need to be the world’s greatest writer. In fact, many would say that what is important is that you write as you speak.
  • everything figured out before you start
    • You will learn as you go. You don’t even have to know everything you will say in your very first post. You can always start with one idea and save it as a draft if you hit a roadblock.
  • an audience
    • For me, the things that I write are largely for me. You may develop a readership over time, but, unlike a business plan, you do not have to have a ready made audience.
  • to make it public right away, or ever
    • Like a journal you may keep in a book under the bed, being online does have to mean the whole world can read your thoughts. You can keep your blog totally private, share it only with a certain community, like with cancerconnection, have only the people you invite able to read, or open it up to the world. It is up to you!
  • pay anything
    • You may hear people talking about the cost for businesses to make, and maintain their websites. There are lots of blogging platforms online which do not cost anything at all!
  • great computer skills
    • Most of the free sites have some ready-made formats with which you can get started. Getting them set up is like filling out a form. It asks for your choices and you fill in what you like. If you decide you don’t like it, it is not too hard to change it. If you can turn on the computer and get online (which you obviously can or you wouldn’t be reading this post) and type at all, you can start. There may be questions you will have about how to do things on the site you choose. Many of them have really good service through which you can find the answers.

Second, what do you need?
  • something to say – Do you have thoughts or issues running through your head? It can be very helpful to get them out of there and down “on paper.” You don’t need the whole thing, even just a kernel of a thought is enough to get started. I often find my trigger to write in an image or something I see, or an experience I have had. On this site, we all have lots of experiences which are not common to everyone on the street. I started my cancer related blog partly as a way of keeping my friends and family up to date on what I was going through, without having to say it over and over again. On my other site, I often use it as a way to think through ideas for myself.
  • some kind of theme – you can find blogs about just about anything you can think of!
    • a personal journal
    • providing information of some kind
    • fashion advice
    • food/nutrition
    • social commentary
    • helping others to deal with challenges
  • a platform to host – unless you are a computer wizard yourself, you will need a site to use to make your blog. On there is a built in journal which you can use which is only accessible by other members on the site. If you want to be more public check out:
  • – this one is quite photo focused and less for written entries
  • you can compare some of them at List of Best Free Blogging Sites & Platforms


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