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Have you tested postive for BRCA1 or BRCA2 ?

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Women's College Hospital
A Study of Memory and Attention in High-Risk Women

A woman’s lifetime risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer is greatly increased if she has a mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, compared to women who don’t have a BRCA mutation. Women with BRCA mutations may opt for prophylactic surgeries or other treatment strategies to prevent cancer. Some women are concerned that these treatments and other lifestyle factors can affect their memory or attention. Researchers at the Women’s College Hospital are conducting a study using short online surveys to better understand these issues. The results will help improve the health and well-being of women at high risk for cancer, especially as they age.

For more information on the study and how to get involved, visit


I should have my genetic testing results in about 6 weeks Lacey_adminCCS‍.  There is a 5% - 10% probability I carry the  BRCA2 gene.  If I am positive, I will definitely participate in this study.
  • Posted Wed 16 Aug 2017 12:31 PM EDT
Anyone interested in this opportunity?
  • Posted Tue 15 Aug 2017 02:13 PM EDT
Yes, I have had my blood test done for this genetic testing for Hereditary clinical cancer last week.  I am doing this for my family like other people, so they can get help before cancer can get caught in the beginning stage level. My was stage 4 ovarian cancer I was told it was July 24/17.  Will be getting my cat scan on Halloween which I hope is not a scary result.
  • Posted Fri 20 Oct 2017 03:01 AM EDT

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