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Return to work made easier for cancer survivors

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Returning to work after any illness can be a challenge. For cancer survivors, returning to work (RTW) can be especially difficult due to the effects of cancer and its treatment, an employer’s lack understanding of cancer’s impact on work abilities, and confusion about how to provide accommodations in the workplace. 

A highly-informative website was launched on October 19th that can provide guidance to cancer survivors, employers and members of your health care team.

Cancer and Work ( is a new, interactive website providing resources from across the country.  Here you will find practical, up-to-date information on returning to work.  Included in this resource is the support offered by provinces and territories.  Visiting the Cancer and Work website allows you to access the knowledge and experience of a far-reaching group of Canadian experts, including health professionals in oncology from vocational rehabilitation counsellors, to occupational therapists and physiotherapists, to nurses and psychologists. You will also find information from lawyers, union representatives, insurance representatives, and other cancer survivors who have gone through the return to work experience.  

The website is a collaboration between McGill University, and the BC Cancer Agency, a provincial healthcare provider, in partnership with de Souza Institute.




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