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Let's Discuss election 2015: Online communities discuss healthcare as an election issue

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With political campaigning in full swing for next month’s federal election, we asked our online community and Facebook fans what healthcare issues they would like to see addressed by political parties in their election platforms.

Although cancer-related healthcare issues were top of mind, some of our online followers took a broader view, mentioning issues related to mental health, our elderly population, long waiting list times, and palliative care in general.

Cancer as an election issue

One of the top concerns of online community members was financial support for cancer patients as they go through treatment and once treatments are over. As “livingwithbladdercancer” said on our Let’s Discuss thread: “I have worked all my life and paid my taxes and I think it is appalling that when someone is in the worse position of their life, they have the added grief of watching everything they have worked their entire life for, slowly fade away.”
Environmental causes of cancer was another issue our online community members and Facebooks fans said they would like to see get greater attention from politicians. Facebook followers also took the opportunity to advocate for more research dollars going toward childhood cancer and lung cancer research, although these comments weren’t directly targeted at politicians. 
You can join our recent discussion to share the issues you would like politicians to address during the election campaign.
We’re also hosting a live webcast on the topic Campaign against cancer: Why cancer is an important election issue on Tuesday, September 22 at 6pm (Eastern). Please join us!


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