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Let's discuss life after cancer: Online communities discuss ongoing challenges

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For this month’s Let’s Discuss topic, we decided to revisit a discussion from last year about adjusting to life after cancer. During treatment, cancer patients are probably so busy just getting through each day that it’s hard to imagine that treatment will ever end. We asked our online community and Facebook fans how they adjusted after treatment was over, and here is what they shared.

Living with the fear of recurrence

Some of our online community members spoke about the fear and anxiety they continue to experience, even once their treatments were done. Being afraid that cancer will return is a common worry for cancer survivors. One community member said she felt somewhat overwhelmed now that her treatments were finished, with fatigue and fear making it difficult at times to accomplish much. As one of our Facebook fans pointed out, sometimes treatment doesn’t end, so you just keep going on.

Getting back into the swing of things

Taking things one day at a time may be the best way to adjust to post-treatment life — that was the advice of some of our Facebook fans. Keeping oneself busy can help to avoid negative thoughts, suggested one fan, who spoke about enjoying every day as if it was his last. Another fan said he was looking forward to moving on to better things, now that six months of treatments were done.

Staying strong and helping others

Many of the cancer survivors who joined our discussion offered words of encouragement to those who are still struggling with cancer. One Facebook fan encouraged other community members to stay strong and never give in. Another cancer survivor spoke about wanting to try to help other people who are still fighting cancer.

How did you adjust to life after cancer? Join in our discussion here

You can read more about life after cancer treatment through the Canadian Cancer Society's publication, Life after cancer treatment. 

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