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Let's discuss staying positive during difficult times: Faith, hope, supportive family and friends

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Facing a cancer diagnosis can be hard for people with cancer and their loved ones. We asked our online community and Facebook fans how they stay positive during difficult times. Here’s a summary of some of their thoughts and words of wisdom.

The Power of Prayer
No matter what one’s personal belief system is, faith can help to sustain us during difficult times. A few of our Facebook friends said prayer helped them to stay positive. Others spoke about looking for the silver lining in everything and cherishing the small miracles that happen every day. One of our online community members also wrote about having faith in early detection and his “rock star oncologist” and healthcare team. 

The Power of Positive Thinking
Many of our social media followers said taking things one day at a time, one treatment at a time, helped them to maintain a positive attitude. Enjoying the moment and looking for something positive every day can help to keep energy levels up during the cancer fight, they said. A sense of humour and finding things to laugh about can go a long way, too. Others spoke about redirecting anger against the disease itself and removing negative people from their lives.

The Power of Love
As some of our online fans pointed out, cancer is a team fight. People living with cancer need to surround themselves with supportive and loving family and friends to help them through the difficult times. Cancer support groups also provide encouragement during treatment. Emails, phone calls or visits from loved ones are reminders that no one faces cancer alone. One Facebook fan advised people diagnosed with cancer to accept all offers of help, no matter how small, because it helps everybody concerned to cope and stay positive together.

How do you stay positive during difficult times? Join the discussion, or respond below with your thoughts.


i have found strength in my work-not pay work-cleaning the barn!! i take my time,talk with my horses and dogs!! they give me strength and listen to me.i seem to know i am ill!!
  • Posted Thu 02 Jul 2015 02:32 PM EDT

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