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Let's discuss national nutrition month: Eating well when you have cancer

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Eating well can be a challenge when you have cancer. And everyone is affected differently. Some people find their eating habits change only slightly, while others find eating well is really difficult. Many people are somewhere in-between. How your eating is affected will depend on the type of cancer you have and the treatments you receive.

We recently asked our online community and Facebook fans what they ate during treatment and to share their experiences. For some, weight loss became a concern as their interest in food diminished, while others said they had cravings for junk food, fried foods and sugary treats. Many people mentioned taste changes from treatment and also eating with mouth sores as being challenging. Here are a couple of recipes that can help with those.

Tomato Soup



No-bake Frozen Blueberry Pie


To help people with cancer eat well during treatment and recovery, the Canadian Cancer Society provides information, tips and recipes in its Eating Well When You Have Cancer booklet. 

Join in our recent discussion, and share what you ate during your cancer treatment. 

For more information on nutrition and cancer join us in our upcoming webcast, Make Nutrition Count – Eating Well When You Have Canceron Tuesday March 31, at 6pm (EST). 

During this webcast, you will learn:
  • the importance of nutrition when dealing with cancer
  • ideas and tips to manage problems that affect nutrition
  • the answers to common questions about nutrition and cancer
Stay tuned for more information!



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