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Let's Discuss...2021

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With the flip of a new calendar year we often start thinking about what is important to us for the year ahead.
  • How are you feeling about the year ahead? Does it feel different or the same?
  • Do you make New Years Resolutions or set goals for the year ahead? Or do you prefer to take it day to day?
  • What is your wish for yourself for the year ahead?
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This is excellent and educational . In Diabetes we have educational RN s that we can speak to with appointments and go over our monitoring , adjustments with medications through our local hospital . Now additionally with treating MBC it’s a different process but would like to go over my pathology and/ or reports from the Oncologists as I seem to be a bit behind in the  process to access medical information . Still staying up night and day to research , do my homework , sometime even losing days so focused to understand this so I can ask intelligent questions with doctors .
I learned something from the last webinar that usually it is bacteria 🔬 we would tend to catch , not viruses 🦠 ? 
Did I say thank you “Let’s Discuss “ Lacey listening to the last 2 webnars and glad they ask your feedback to the actual specialist.  , Elle 29 
  • Posted Thu 21 Jan 2021 12:33 AM EST

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