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Let's Discuss...exercising at home

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With physical distancing in effect over the last few months, many people may have adapted their exercise routines. Are you currently exercising at home? Did you start exercising at home due to social distancing?

For more information on exercising at home during COVID-19 watch our webinar here!


Over the summer, i basically slept. My radiation started mid June. I got,or had, cellulitis and ended up in hospital,which was probably good because my oncologist liked the sound of her own voice and I don't feel she gave me good care at all. I have since asked for a different oncologist, so we shall see if I get one. So I finally found a painkiller I can take. I didnt even know I was in pain until the pain was gone. So, i did no exercise over the summer, because the radiation took to much out of me and I had such low hemoglobin, needing a round of iron infusions, and almost low enough to need a blood transfusion. Thank goodness, I didn't need that.  Then I had my surgery, an infection, and 2 more surgeries to remove the infection. So, I am finally feeling better (relatively) and am beginning to rebuild my leg muscles. In order to do this, I bought the DDP YOGA app, which so far has been much harder than I anticipated, but mostly because I don't know when my body is in pain, so I don't know how much is too much until I am overworked. I am looking forward to seeing actual physiotherapists soon, so I can rebuild with a spotter who can help me hnderstand what is too much and when to stop before that point. In the meantime, i will do what I can and rest as needed. I have such goals and plans to be an ambitious, active, healthy, achieving, productive person. I am learning to accept my new reality,and that I will take time to heal. Which means resting as much as I need to. The energy and exercise will come back eventually. I must pace myself! Right? 
  • Posted Sun 03 Jan 2021 08:55 PM EST
Thanks Elsie. I started physio yesterday and dang i cant lift my right calf off the table!  The painting was my way of processing the pain of the cancer. If you wrap that around the cancer space, this was a representation of that pain. I sometimes feel like my cancer journey is nothing compared to others, but then, I think, just because others go through theirs, it doesn't make mine less, just different. And just because I am weak right now, I may not always be. And I am strong in other ways. I also am not weaker or less than if  ask for help to heal. I wonder where these silly ideas come from? 
  • Posted Wed 06 Jan 2021 09:34 PM EST
I was just looking at your home page/public wall, Mommalee‍ .  I love your abstract  pic with all the triangles! 
You have been through a lot.  In your case, rebuilding your leg muscles, and the pain problems, I feel like Yes, for sure, you need to see an actual physiotherapist!
  • Posted Tue 05 Jan 2021 02:06 AM EST

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