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Let's Discuss...your top 3 tips for coping with cancer

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A cancer diagnosis can affect much more than the physical body. It can also affect emotions and relationships. Your emotions can be very strong, conflicting or disturbing. They may come and go quickly, and they may change often. For many people, life is not the same after a cancer diagnosis.

If you could provide only 3 tips for coping with cancer what would they be? Join the discussion here!


Sorry to posting so late.
My three tips are:
1. Ask questions, information and knowledge is powerful. I found information helped calm my inner turmoil and anxiety.
2. Laugh often, with others or even by yourself. Try not to take yourself too seriously-my son and I spend over 2 hours looking for a computer cable that I had 'put away.' When I finally found it in the strangest place, I had a good laugh at myself - sure better than crying!
3. Take offers of support. Even though it can be hard to think of things others can do for you, try to make lists and involve those that are asking. For me, asking for help was the most difficult part; admitting that I couldn't do something for myself, tough one for me. However, learn how to be okay with it - shopping, outings, drives to appointments, housecleaning, walking the dogs, are a few things I needed help with.
(A few of my friends didn't know how to help or what support to offer so waited until I asked. They took my not asking, as me doing fine when that wasn't the case.) 
  • Posted Mon 29 Jul 2019 06:26 PM EDT

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