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Let's Discuss...pain

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Pain can be a common side effect of cancer and its treatments, but having cancer doesn’t mean you have to live with pain. Managing pain is part of your overall treatment plan. Talking about your pain helps your healthcare team understand it and figure out how to control it.

Did you or your loved one experience pain? What are your tips for managing pain?



To tolerate my mouth and tongue pain was as much mental as physical. I swish liquid Lidodan 2% before eating, which numbs me up a bit.
I have to remove some food by hand as it won't allow me to swallow without gagging. At least after the numbing I can eat soft risotto, eggs, mashed potatoes, and I even tried a bit of lettuce....gagged a lot!
I used to wear a Fentanyl patch and took hydromorphone for break-through pain.....I am off both of those for 1 week and I am feeling almost my " New Normal"
The tongue pain has begun to subside so mentally I am not as depressed after 8 months post radiation.
  • Posted Tue 11 Jun 2019 05:46 PM EDT

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