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Meet Dave

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A new month is upon us, and it's time to meet another member on our community. This month, we're pleased to introduce you to Dave- better known on our community as Davideo. Here's a bit about Dave, in his own words.

Hi everyone. My name is Dave and I have just been at the Cancer Connection a short while. I lost my sister to ovarian cancer a few years ago, and my wife and I each have different kinds of cancer. We are in our early 60's. My wife has retro peritoneal liposarcoma and I have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lynn's illness, to date, has been much more serious than mine and she has had three major operations to remove accumulating liposarcoma tissue that never fully is eliminated, and barring a miracle, will not be eradicated. In the first operation between 25 to 30 pounds of tissue was removed from her abdomen. Overnight weight loss! To deal with pains that arise she has prescription medicine that works. She and the doctor continue to keep the dosage level moderate to low, but she does need what she gets. When I hear her groan I cringe, but it is usually on Monday mornings at refill time. My 'NHL' ( lymphoma) may be responsible for a tendency to tire easily, but part of that could also be my aging and my overall physical condition. I go to exercise classes twice a week and walk most other days.
Dave's wife, Lynn with their cat Percy

    We met each other by mail, as pen pals and readers of Conversations with God books. I still read from them and continue to immensely appreciate their messages. To some people the contents are 'too good to be true' which is pretty much what I expect from someone called 'God'! We each found it to be indispensable relief and hope from more conventional presentations of religion and/or spirituality, typically found in churches. The exchange in our letters between B.C. and Florida (where Lynn lived) eventually led to a visit from her and in six more months we were married. We knew of no cancer at that time. Fortunately our medical system here enables us to be able to afford the treatment we receive. I also had gall bladder removal, a quadruple bypass heart surgery and a splenectomy and am due for incisional hernia repair shortly.
Deb, Lynn, and Holly (Deb's poodle)

    There is so much intelligent and responsive information on this website that I cannot offer additional advice on dealing with cancer. I am hoping intently that I do not develop serious symptoms that would make me some kind of an expert! In as much as we are all spiritual beings who happen to have bodies, I am challenged when I hear a whole lot of medical and physical remedies designed to avoid death... unless it is accompanied by due recognition of the fact that 'death' is only a passage on to further life...
for every single one of us. If I believed for a moment that 'death' is the end, I would not be as patient as I am, for sure! I would have little or nothing to lose by extreme and even irresponsible behaviour. Never have I believed in death as 'the last word'. Another book that I use to remind me of what matters is called A Course in Miracles. Since "Meet Your Neighbour" invites us to share words of wisdom that help us, I am referring to these books. If either of them were merely concoctions of bright human beings, I would not mention them, but because I have very good reason to say that they are much more than that, I vouch for them frequently. I would be so depressed if I had to deal with our life's problems without "faith". But faith is a gift that is given to 'believers' and 'non-believers' alike, wherever there is a willingness to persevere and rise beyond apparent limitations, and we as souls/spirits deserve to hear more than the gloom and doom that typically comes from the 'news'. God still has a sideshow billing in the Press and is given but nominal mention in the Constitution.

    At "retirement age" I continue to draw and paint pictures, as I have throughout most of my life. It gives me 'another place to be' in a sense. Lynn loves to read and watch t.v. and consort with her fellow retired nurse, Deb. Our lives are modest but pleasant and we are blessed to receive the helps that we do. I pray for everyone who comes to this website, that they find the peace of which so many have spoken. We are not alone in this, and knowing this must be one our sweetest remedies. 
Dave with one of his paintings that he gifted to his urologist

We'd like to thank Dave for sharing some of his story and his photos with us. If you are interested in being featured in one of our monthly Meet your Neighbour posts, please send a private message to Nicole_admin, or email us at 



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