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This April we're pleased to introduce you to Tim, better known on our community as Houdini. Tim has been a community member since 2011, here is more about Tim and his experience with thyroid cancer in his own words.

My name is Tim Hampson and I am a recent Thyroid Cancer survivor. I’ve been asked or better yet given the opportunity to share my story and touch on how this community has helped me along the way.
I have lived in the Windsor Ontario area for 18 years now with my wife of 13 years and my 8 year old daughter Brooke, who I love dearly. Living normally not knowing that there was something growing inside of me. Just over 3 years ago my Doctor found a small lump on my neck and found out it was thyroid cancer and that I would require surgery, radioactive treatment, isolation and have to take pills for the rest of my life.

I had so many questions, fears, how am I going to tell my 5 year old daughter , surgery complications, radiation problems, having to go through isolation, me and a piece of my body missing. Where can I go to get the support and answers from people that have been there before? That’s when I found Cancerconnection .ca, a place where cancer patients and cancer survivors could come and help each other through this difficult time.

I find this community a lively and growing place with people from across Canada. They can come and ask questions, find important information and connect with people that have been affected by the same type of cancer.

I write in the thyroid cancer section but try to keep my eye on other areas as I’ve found comfort in helping others here, and in turn found out that I was helping myself at the same time. It was a win-win scenario.

While I was on my radioactive iodine treatment, I had to stay away from my family for 3-5 days. Holed up in my trailer in my driveway in the cold February weather. Being disconnected from my daughter was tuff.
When I went in for surgery and also my radioactive isolation period, I found myself picking up my IPOD and logging into this site. I didn’t feel so alone once I was able to start writing on the forum and seeing people reply with support.

We all say that when you have cancer, your family is very supportive. But as strong and supportive as they are, they can never know 100% of what you are going through, this is where everyone here comes in to fill that void.

I’ll never forget the relief I felt when my doctor told me that there was no more cancer in my body. Surprisingly, it also came with some guilt. 6 months from diagnosis to cure…is it fair to everyone else? I feel for those that are on this site still fighting.

I asked myself, why would someone want to hear my story when there are people out there that have gone through much worse and came out the other side. Those are the true stories you want to hear.  I too found that this feeling was normal for someone going through cancer (yup found it on Cancer Connection).

But now that I am cancer free, I have a different perspective on life. They always say things happen for a reason and I got this cancer so I can learn all I can and help others. This is why I am an active member on this site.

Sometimes I’m left to wonder what would have happened if I didn’t take that initial step of going to the doctors. If I just disregarded it, this story would be very different. I caught mine at a very, very early stage and this slow moving cancer had already spread to my lymph nodes. If I would have waited till I felt it, it would have spread through my whole body.

 The true hero’s in the fight for cancer are right here on this site. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope that you all keep posting and hoping.
Learn all you Can, Do All you Can, Share all you Can. 



Huge hugs to you and your family, Tim. You are so appreciated in our community Heather
  • Posted Thu 09 Apr 2015 02:40 PM EDT

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