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Meet Whitelillies...

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Hello - it is December, the start of the holiday season and time to meet another member. Meet Whitelillies and learn how she went through her cancer experience with her sense of humour in tact:

Seasons Greetings from Lillian.  December is a festive time of year.  Currently though, we are surrounded by Covid, chaos, cocooning, Christmas Carrollers, candy canes, and at times….cancer.


My journey began in July 2018 at age 56.  I was booked for my FIRST ever colonoscopy.  I awoke (which is a good thing !) and saw my G.I. Dr.  hovering over me.  How attentive she was.  I felt my belly distended as if I was the Goodyear Blimp.  What gaseous substances were implanted “up there”?
C02? 02?  Dr actually had to put a “device” in my caboose to deflate me (reverse straw).   Flatulence floated in the air!   The poor soul in the next  Bay.  Only a colourful curtain separated us.  Then the G.I. Dr.  belted it out “You have cancer ya’ know…..Don’t worry your Bag will temporary right after your surgery!”
Hey Wait !  I am still “The Blimp”…..I have this hideous, antiseptic, pristine blue gown on!  I want to go home!  I cried all the way!   I only heard ONE word.

I had a 3cm tumour (below the Lido Deck)
2 sons (Special Needs, Autism)
1 husband (miffed Leafs fan)

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

My dance card filled quickly with an avalanche of appointments…..CT scans, MRIs, Radiation and a “Bonus” Colonoscopy.  In September 2018 my Surgical Oncologist “got it all out”.  I was told: Stage 2, Early 3.  Time to greet my Bag !  Hello !  I did it ! We became friends.    It was reversed (Ileostomy) in February 2019.  (surgery postponed 2 times……grrrrrrr)

Now time to heal.  I was never given a heads up on BM woes that may arise.  They sure did !  On a brighter note, I have lost 40 pounds and a new wardrobe was in order.  Hello Winners Sale Aisle!

I am now in the 5 Year Survivorship  Program (Colorectal Patients, Ontario).  Every 6 months a CT scan and bloodwork.  I am 2 years “in”.  Hopefully in 3 years, I will perfect my Happy Dance.
Having cancer…..taught me to be patient……taught me to be strong……taught me to reach out….taught me to be grateful for each day.  My dad was diagnosed last year with Colon cancer at age 88 after a trip to the ER.  Sharing this news with my oncologist, landed me promptly in the “Genetics Office, floor 2, veer left !”  They tested 16 genes.   All Negative.   No Lynch Syndrome. 

Hobbies?  Free time?  Insert “chuckle” NOW !    I worked full time in Tele-Communications and after 27 years of service, I said time to breathe out.  NOT!  Every waking moment was dedicated to my sons.    Their special needs were all encompassing……Behavioural Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills and more.  Our front door was busier than the old Zellers’ Turnstile.   It all aged me.  I was no longer a “Hot Mom”!......I became tepid, at best.

 I love to walk.  Being outdoors helps me feel FREE !  I am fluent in French (Bonjour) and Hungarian (Szia).

My family and 3 close friends (2 who are survivors !) pulled me through the tough times.  It takes a village to get through this journey.  It takes a “50% Off Sale Sign” to even get me to smile !

Joining Cancer Connection helped me so much.  I could “feel” again.  I needed to connect.  Thank you all for connecting back.  An added bonus was making a Lifelong Friend……right here…..from this site….We have so much in common…..Kindred Spirits…….Brighty – You are a breath of fresh air.

Time to put my Rear into Gear and head outdoors !

Happy Holidays to Everyone

Onwards We March


Thank you for sharing your story and your holiday spirit with us Whitelillies 


Thank you Whitlilies your style of Canadian humour " and Partridge in a pear tree 🌳 " about sums it this being just past the 12 th day of Christmas .....
In my new short experience with breast cancer the last 4 months full of injected nuclear diagnostics , who needs radiation ☢️  .And a shock this WEEK on what I call Metastases Monday diagnosis & prognosis of few years of life , my Oncologist said I have left .Via the new normal , medical call appointments , 2 b followed up , going to video . I am awaiting my treatment plan being transferred here locally .
For me to get out of bed several years coping with injury pain .Which I may add , my LD dog does not even do to wake me up , being single retired a few years .Who loyally stays by my side,in a nuzzled foot rub and curled snug .
Ohh  Luxurious bed , comfort and pillows . Lol I wouldn't even share with a man unless . .....
Except get up for my fave tofu egg breakfast , hot chai , living wet surrounded breathing the fresh BC rainforest an ocean island   .
Go for a dip in a spa pool ( warm ) A green winter's walk by the coast of ions of a bundled beach stroll on the shore with a mocha banana 🍌 smoothie  . 
Wishing you all well .
  • Posted Wed 06 Jan 2021 07:51 PM EST
 elle29‍  It sounds like you live in beautiful rainforest surroundings, 
i live out on the Prairies in good old cold Saskatchewan, however we have had a very pleasant winter so far. 
I am sure that is bound to change soon.
You description of your walks is so beautiful.
i have breast ca ,had the total mastectomy Nov 13, and finally get the call from oncology today, so fingers ,toes and everything else crossed! 
I have found this cite very helpful and read the new posts first thing in the morning.
Wishing you well and many more cuddles with your dog! 
I too have a pooch who listens with rapt attention to me! Not always, lol
  • Posted Thu 07 Jan 2021 03:28 PM EST
I always love hearing your story Whitelilies‍! You have been such a great support to me and so many others on here! Thank you for all you do and that you do it with such a positive attitude and a healthy dose of humour! :)
  • Posted Thu 03 Dec 2020 09:55 PM EST
alexisrj‍ Hi....thank you for your kind words and vote of confidence........I recall when you first joined!!! I suggested tiny gifts for your 3 angels when you were in they would FEEL close to you........
Cheers to healthy colons....and more.....
You Rock Too!....a pillar of strength......
  • Posted Thu 03 Dec 2020 10:03 PM EST
Whitelilies‍ . Lillian - What a great introduction! You are certainly courageous, candid and caring.  

I love the reference to Zellers - I worked at Towers as a teenager, which certainly ages me! 

Your family is certainly lucky to have your spirit and energy surrounding them, as are we to have you on the site.

  • Posted Wed 02 Dec 2020 11:04 PM EST
Whitelilies‍ I love the way you told your cancer story.  Matter of fact, poignant and funny all at the same time.  I admire the way you have been able to balance everything in your life.  Before you know it you will reach 5 years cancer free and you and your family can celebrate.  Thanks for sharing.
  • Posted Thu 03 Dec 2020 04:23 PM EST
@Kims1961 Oops no "s"
please see earlier response.
thank you for your kind words
  • Posted Thu 03 Dec 2020 12:08 AM EST
@Kim1961 of course I recall Towers....remember Honest Ed's in Toronto? ?
C's you liked!
you too are caring...candid...colourful...commentaries. ...
My "boys "...all "3" keep me on my toes...sometimes the 59 yr old acts like the 19 yr old.....????
Gotta laugh....BEATS crying.
keep well
  • Posted Thu 03 Dec 2020 12:07 AM EST
Whitelilies‍   you've shared snippets of your story thru your posts here, but I am truly appreciating the BIG picture of your experience now!  You've helped so many facing not only cancer-related challenges (like me and my brother-in-law with his colon cancer), but also so many parents who have special needs kids.
Once in awhile I tell people "I'm glad you got cancer, otherwise we would never have met." I think you know the love and good intent in which that statement is said! 
  • Posted Wed 02 Dec 2020 02:34 PM EST
ashcon‍ Hi Ann....of course I know that the sentence you shared is filled with goodness and good comes from the heart and soul.
I can be serious too!! Trust me!!
But after crying my eyes out......I just needed to lift the spirits up.....and hoist others along too.....if possible......
Keep well,
  • Posted Wed 02 Dec 2020 10:54 PM EST
what a great introduction - thanks for this...

I LOL'd at the 50% off thing - I always say, I don't even get out of bed unless it's at least 50% off....ha ha ha -- kindred spirits
sounds like you are happy & healthy--and isn't that everything!!??

sending my best to you and your boys - have a beautiful holiday, I will look forward to your posts
  • Posted Wed 02 Dec 2020 02:32 AM EST
supersu‍ Thank you so much for your warm thoughts.....I recall a funny story, of a famous model, who said to the world...she will NOT get out of bed, unless she gets a 10K contract, for the day's work!  Must be nice!.....I'll settle to save a few $$$

My boys keep me busy and on my toes.......not sure what a "break" is? a "vaycay"? Maybe one day.....I'll find out???
(To me....a vaycay is......snoring in the car where no one will find me !) (car parked......for sure.......dead end street.....)

Keep Safe,
  • Posted Wed 02 Dec 2020 03:18 AM EST

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