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Meet jojo4

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Hello all
Depending on what part of the country you are in, summer is in full swing. So it is time to meet another community member.
Let's take a minute to meet Joanne, who goes by jojo4 in the community and talks about her experience with soft tissue sarcoma.

My name is Joanne and I am known as jojo4 on cancer connections. I live in the Niagara Region and this cancer journey is scary! I was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and have just finished 28 rounds of radiation. I have surgery booked for August 5. I am praying the sarcoma stays contained. I was diagnosed in March. Biopsy in April and plan of care May. I have a very supportive family and many friends and coworkers who offer lots of encouragement and have done many things to make my journey easier. Having cancer is truly One day at a time! The one thing that I would say encourages me is that the Lord brought me to it He will bring me through it!


I enjoy reading and travelling when I can. I enjoy my work and hope to go back. I have many little projects on the go and one day hope to finish them. I realize now is not the time to concentrate on them. I am new to cancer connections and am still trying to navigate my way around. I have had some feedback on my posts about upcoming surgery and having ostomies.  And I appreciate each one. It will be a new learning curve and I look towards the surgery with an eagerness to carry on and with a definite amount of anxiety for the uncertainty.

Thank you for sharing with us Joanne!



Hello Joanne. How are you since your surgery? Xo you know the specific name of your cancer? I have undifferentiated pleiomorphic sarcoma in my posterior right thigh. Your journey sounds similar to mine. I found a lump in February that was thumb-sized and it was hot and painful to touch. Ultrasounds, mri, sent to a surgeon, which is when I kind of knew I had cancer, but my dr was not worried about the lump like I was, but is still proactive thank goodness! Then covid so that added an element of uncertainty for sure. Then I was sent to a "specialist" which is when I knew I had cancer. I was given my diagnosis on my anniversary. Happy anniversary.... My doctor cried when I saw him next,after all the treatments and things. After my first surgery I ended jp with an infection and needed 10 weeks of IV antibiotics, two more surgeries, and I am taking a very long time to heal! My incision is still open in one are and the last surgery was in November! Ai!! So I am checking in to see how you are doing since your surgery?
I hope I didn't bore you with my long post. No one else wants to listen to me, and I seem to need to talk about it.... 
  • Posted Sun 03 Jan 2021 08:33 PM EST
Mine was undifferentiated plemorphic sarcoma in my left groin. I am recovering well but slowly. They say it will take a year to heal as radiated tissue takes longer to heal. I would love to hear more about your surgery. My email is
i check my email more than I can sign on here unfortunately 
  • Posted Wed 13 Jan 2021 08:34 PM EST
Jojo4‍  I am glad you reached out to us when you are feeling a little isolated.  I can’t say I understand completely what you are going through as I had a different type of cancer but I can say we are here for you.  You are not alone.

  • Posted Sat 02 Jan 2021 06:57 PM EST
Wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery so you can get back to all your projects Jojo4‍ !
  • Posted Thu 23 Jul 2020 11:33 AM EDT

Welcome and wishing you successful surgery results  and speedy recovery.
Sounds like you have a good support system which is so very important and makes this journey much easier to cope with both physically and especially emotionally.

Members of this forum will be here to support you when needed


  • Posted Tue 14 Jul 2020 03:17 AM EDT
Thank you
  • Posted Tue 14 Jul 2020 03:19 PM EDT
Jojo4‍   Welcome!! definitely had the challenge of cancer and COVID.  Sounds like you are getting excellent care and am so glad you found us here. 

Welcome to the Neighbourhood!  kim
  • Posted Tue 14 Jul 2020 02:15 AM EDT
  • Posted Tue 14 Jul 2020 03:20 PM EDT

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