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Take a moment to get to know Lisa, better known in our community as law, and learn how her 'village' helped her get through her diagnosis of tongue cancer.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lisa and I am known on CancerConnection by my initials: law.

I am definitely not a lawyer, but my initials elicit interesting and very carefully worded responses from folks who don’t know me; I assure you I will not litigate anyone!

I live on Vancouver Island; I am retired, with a large family in Vancouver and a rascal of a cat.  My huge support system is here in Victoria, with Vancouver family assisting me as well. I am blessed to have received only positive encouragement and help with emotional and physical challenges during my cancer experience. And, as one result of surviving cancer, I have developed strong personal boundaries eliminating negative people from my life.

My cancer journey began in mid-2017, with a year-long sore throat, followed by a visit to an ENT doc who sent me for scans and diagnosed me in mid-June 2018, with basal tongue and tonsil cancer on my right side. That was the beginning of my pain, and my nightmare of 9 months of recovery and depression. Finally my blistered tongue and throat healed to the point where I can now swallow and eat mushy foods after a 40-lb. weight loss. The Medical team and counselors at the BC Cancer Centre – Victoria never gave up on my struggles.

I had 36 rounds of radiation, and declined chemo. Recovery began upon results of my cancer-free PET scan, Dec. 30, 2018, yet my unbearable oral pain lasted 9 months. CancerConnection saved my sanity. The support, comradery, education, and reassurances of like-minded folks were the Light at the End of the Tunnel. I must also give credit to the strong pain killers prescribed.

Prior to my cancer and recovery I really felt invincible….cancer, CancerConnection, and the support of my ‘village’ helped me accept my need to ask for and accept help. I cannot imagine reciprocating equally.

My healthier post-cancer journey will continue the rest of my life. My world view and self-introspection have done a 180 degree turn.  I have gained a more tolerant, empathetic and peaceful appreciation of the world, especially of nature. I live near a park, and the wild birds and hawks continually grab my attention, as do the deer, racoons, bunnies, and even some people!  Bird-watching is a pastime of mine, as is playing clarinet in a few small local bands. I also currently volunteer at an Alzheimer’s Residence, which is a very sobering yet sweet experience for me.  If I did have a super power, I would start with eliminating Alzheimer’s and to have the ability to make all sentient people and animals live easy and comfortable lives on this planet. 

Thank you Lisa for taking the time to share more about your experience. We are glad you are here sharing your wisdom and hope with others in our community!


Thank you law for sharing your story of perseverance and hopefulness.  This is a community of strength and resilience.  Thank you for contributing to this community, in such an eloquent way. 

Be the storm!
My cancer, my rules!
  • Posted Sun 22 Dec 2019 09:19 AM EST
Hi law‍ 
​​​​​​What a wonderfully-written story of your journey.  And your recovery. And how you are living your life now. BEAUTIFUL! 
  • Posted Mon 16 Dec 2019 08:40 PM EST
Thanks, ashcon‍, as your positive spin on life has lifted me up greatly!!
  • Posted Wed 18 Dec 2019 01:53 PM EST
One of these days I'm going to have to post a picture of the monsters. Between the two of them at 28 and 25 lbs each when they land on my bed in the middle of the night I know it. And yeah people can't believe the size of my litter box. (And one of them, poor old dear, still can't hit it.)

Thanks for your story law‍ . I must confess I did wonder where the nickname came from. And another wetcoaster (I'm in Surrey.)


  • Posted Sat 14 Dec 2019 03:24 PM EST
Ai Yi Yi.....litter boxes!! Seems like you have quite a hefty pair of 'kitties'
Your comments to me are always worthwhile!!
  • Posted Wed 18 Dec 2019 01:55 PM EST
Hello Readers and CancerConnection supporters,
It is quite a boost to read your positive comments as they are priceless for 'Communo-therapy"...a great linguistic creation, ACH2015‍ .
Wendy Tea‍ , BrightyLianne_adminCCS‍ , Lacey_adminCCS‍, Runner Girl‍, WestCoastSailor‍, Cynthia Mac‍, and the whole host of others have really been in each others' corner and the friendships developed online make our distances seem closer.
Even my bossy little cat, Gem, is humbled.
Happy Holidays!
  • Posted Sat 14 Dec 2019 03:21 PM EST
Hi law‍ , Greetings Lisa from Tsawwassen! Another west coaster! Welcome to our group.

Wendy Tea 
  • Posted Sat 14 Dec 2019 07:55 AM EST
Ah, yes----the Left Coast, especially on Vancouver Island, is such a quiet little place compared to the rest of BC---no traffic problem here, as in Vancouver.
Tswwassen is growing by leaps and bounds, yes?! Each time the ferry docks the growth of T is amazing...what a HUGE  new Mall.
Happy HollyDaze
  • Posted Wed 18 Dec 2019 01:59 PM EST

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