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Hi everyone, I think it’s a good time to meet the moderator! I am feeling inspired by all of the great pieces provided by our community members and want to share more about myself,so you know more about the person who is always liking your posts!

My name is Lacey better known as Lacey_adminCCS on the community. I have been working at the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) for three years in the Cancer Information Service. I started assisting with moderating the community in June of this year and have just officially started moderating the community full time as a CancerConnection Specialist.

I have a wonderful husband Mauro and two beautiful daughters, Emilia who is 4 and Ella who will soon be 2! Life sure is full and busy balancing a fulltime job and raising two small girls, which I’m sure many of you can attest to!



I first started poking around on the community in January of 2013 when I started at CCS. I found it so valuable to read about people’s experiences and feelings, and it helped me to better assist and support the people I was speaking with on a daily basis. When I first started working for the Canadian Cancer Society I knew of many family friends who had experienced cancer, but had luckily not had my own personal experience with cancer.
In January 2015 my daughter Ella was born and in May of 2015 my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 tongue cancer. It was inoperable and the tumour was the size of a golf ball at the base of his tongue. It had spread to his throat and he had spots on his lungs. We were shocked to say the least. Dad had a lingering cough for months that they continued to try and treat that would not go away. His chest x-rays were clear so the doctors were puzzled. Finally he saw an ENT doctor that discovered the tumour.

I knew where to turn for information being an employee of the Cancer Information Service, but initially did not want more information. I had to let it sink in. When I was ready I reached out and was so lucky to have the support of our Cancer Information Specialists,who could break down information and help me understand what to expect and what was happening.

My dad completed 7 weeks of radiation and had chemotherapy every other week. The treatments were difficult and he lost a great deal of weight. He had a feeding tube put in and that was the only way he was able to eat. The treatment was able to get rid of the tumour from his tongue, but unfortunately in January of 2016 we found out that the cancer had spread to his nerves and bones in his neck. He was told he had about two months to live. We were devastated. He passed away six weeks later at home on February 22, 2016 with my mom and his four kids by his side. The most difficult day of my life by far.

That information is important to give you a background on my experience with cancer. But it is not the information that I feel is most important to share about my dad.
 My dad was a hardworking father of four who always put his wife and kids first. He was liked by everyone he met, and seemed to know just enough about every topic allowing him to carry a conversation with anyone. He could fix or build almost anything and passed those skills along to my brothers. He loved to rebuild cars and demo houses. He was a tall man with a deep voice but he loved to hold tiny babies. I have fond memories of him snuggling both my girls who seemed to disappear in his embrace. He was a funny man who always had a wise and witty thing to say. After he found out his cancer was terminal he commented to us all you know what they say “Live fast, Die Young, and Leave behind a beautiful corpse”. He was always making us smile.


Being by my Dad’s side throughout his cancer journey has taught me so much. It has made me grow immensely as a professional working with people with cancer. I feel very passionately about the support that CancerConnection provides and my goal is to continue to foster an informative and supportive community.
Thank you for listening to my story.  If I can help you navigate the community in any way please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Posted Sat 19 Aug 2017 12:32 AM EDT


Good Afternoon Lacy
​I agree with others losing your father or any parent is hard especially to cancer the battle is brutal. And what a wonderful commemoration to him. I'm sure he loved every moment of you and your children by his side. I was with my stepfather as he passed lung cancer, then my mother lung cancer and then my biological father lung caner humm do wonder is it in the family I digress. My children were small like your when my stepfather passed it was hard, my daughter was so close to him, mom came to live with me for 22 years before she passed but I was there for her beside her, we do go through life lessons.
​I am glad you are here to help us through our journeys, you are there for each and everyone of us for that We Thank You.

Very Best Carol

  • Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 08:51 PM EDT
Thanks Chevy! I appreciate your support and kind words 
  • Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 08:58 PM EDT
Thank you for your sharing Lacey, I haven't lost anyone to cancer or had to be a caretaker. I am so sorry you have had to do take on both aspects of this journey.Your empathy can only have come from personal trials and I did wonder. You are a wonderful admin and really help a lot of people. All the sharing here has helped me immensely to endure my own journey and to better understand others. Thank you.
  • Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 03:27 PM EDT
Lacey you wrote such a beautiful tribute to your Dad, you can tell what a special Father and Grandfather he was. So sorry for your loss but it has given you strength to help others which is also a tribute to him. I am so pleased that I found this site as well and I have suggested to others in the hopes it will help them as well. The first person who responded to me when I joined was actually a friend of my daughter and we have been in touch ever since. This site has been a great sounding post and someplace for me, like others, can vent our true emotions and others suggest ways to help us through. I have a friend now who has just found out his polyps were cancer positive and he is waiting for his appointment with the Oncologist. I have tried to put him at ease and will eventually show him your site and suggest he use it. Thanks you do for all of us, you are a great help.

  • Posted Tue 27 Jun 2017 11:12 PM EDT
Thank you Gaylene.

You are a wonderful addition to the community, glad it is helping :)
  • Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 03:08 PM EDT

​It was very nice to hear about you, your trials and tribulations due to this disease. My sincere condolences, I was saddened to hear about your father. Unfortunately it shows us all too well that no family is immune to this insidious disease. I can certainly identify with his statement “Live fast, Die Young, and Leave behind a beautiful corpse” because my motto is "Never Give Up, Go Around, Go Over, Go Through but Never Ever Give Up". I have lived  for 10 years with that motto and I hope to live 25 more.

​It is so hard being a care giver, I know as I have been on both sides, but I know your father appreciated everything you did.

  • Posted Tue 27 Jun 2017 10:17 PM EDT
Thank you Terry! You have a great motto also- wishing you 25 + years more :)
  • Posted Wed 28 Jun 2017 03:07 PM EDT

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