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    Hi All
    I have been fighting for lack of better word with my Insurance Company not paying for my Farmigon injections until more paperwork is filled out from the prescribing doctor and I have good reason to believe they are now lying to me. They claim they have still not received  the forms back from my doctor but my Cancer Centre Drug Approval assures me it was sent on Monday but as of this morning they say no they have not received it. So who is lying, me thinks somethings stinks in Toronto. Today was day 15 of the battle and I have my union and human resources people involved, however they can not do anything until it is actually refused. On top of all that works wellness Representative called yesterday and started questioning my doctors diagnosis over the phone. She did at one point say and I quote I see here you have prostate cancer well it is the best one to have. Oh really! I prefer no cancer thank you and who is she to say such a thing, needless to say I have not been having a good time of it. I was having a very hard time today I guess it has finally caught up with me and I was getting quite emotional about it all. Luckily my super rock Glenda God I love that woman was here and called my local doctor right away and briefly explained what was happening and they booked me right away for the end of the day.  I can not say enough about my whole medical team but Dr. Jonathan Pace is a true gem. Glenda had  called around 11 and my appointment was for 1 so in that time he had already talked with Dr. Julie Bowen in Sudbury and they came up with a brand new plan(I'd take a seed from Columbia  or Mexico and just plant it up a holler down copperhead road). Sorry went off on a loop there. The new plan is to start me on hormones pills for 30 days and after two weeks give me a hormone injection not Firmagon but just as effective, the reason for not doing this in the first place is because it is hard on your heart and because of my general health they did not want to cause more damage to system then necessary. Long story short I know I have a tendency to go on, I am now in treatment as I have taken my first dosage  and am a lot better now mentally as well. When this is all over and I am clear of danger there will be a party and Dr. Jonathan Pace will be the guest of honor. Every time I see him he makes me feel better and happier he is truly amazing. CHEERS!

    Road Blocks And Running Through Them

    Fighting both the disease and the insurance provider can be very draining especially emotionally.
    Posted on Jan 30, 2018 12:09 PM America/New_York

    Road Blocks And Running Through Them

    Posted on Jan 18, 2018 6:34 PM America/New_York