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How do you post photos? I've been trying, but I can't figure it out.
Great picture!!! Although our cat is "aloof" at best! When she decides to lie on me, it's like having a weighted blanket that vibrates with the purring! Very comforting.
Rosie is a beautiful kitty!! They are the best fur-nurses. I find my kitties purrrrrs so very soothing.
So blessed to share my life with my wonderful pets
Molly and Rosie bring me such comfort and love while I travel in my breast cancer journey
Tomorrow July 17 I travel 3 hours to Victoria to see my radiation oncologist to set up a treatment schedule
It's quite an experience isn't it?
One I went through with lung cancer for over a year with my darling husband until...
Hahahaha that is awsome!!!! Vinnie does the same thing!!!!!! Gotta love cats.