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Hi Everyone, I start Chemo on Saturday and I really appreciate all the info that has been shared here. I am nervous and somewhat worried about possible side effects, but at the same time relieved that treatment is starting. just a quick ...
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I've heard of some side affects of radiation and how it possibly could affect my implant in the future. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?
Lianne_Moderator ‍ Hello Lianne; Can a member delete whatever they have written in blogs? How to do that if it is possible? Thanks for your help Nan22
Hello There My Name is Brent and ive Been Dealing with a Continued roller coaster of a battle of health issues and treatments over the passed year and it sucks ive spent in out of hospital and my mother having to take care of me is the worst ...
Understanding hormone therapy-different types, how it's given and possible side effects
Wondering if anyone had for bone cancer & side effects had & how long they had them thx
We have known since Oct 2022. Onto 5th round of chemo this week. Surgery not an option. Just had his 50th birthday, 25 years married this October. 3 kids youngest is 12. unimaginable. Prognosis a year. Not even sure how to think about this ...
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A newcomer that looks to chat with someone during the long nights I fail to sleep. I am also new to cancer having it discovered in my liver. My first ct scan is Thursday and it is freaking me out. I realize I am not alone and such a site might ...
Hello. I just came from hospital after blood test and Ct scan, and I am on cancellation list for the Bone scan. My surgery is scheduled on March 1st but I guess that can be changed after my bone scan results. Hopefully, I can get the scan as ...
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I am starting radiation treatment to my chest wall and my armpit area next week (I had a mastectomy without reconstruction). I will need 15 treatments. I am feeling so scared, nervous and anxious thinking about this. Please help! From ...
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