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Roy L.
Hey all, just home from my 3 month oncologist visit and for the first time since starting ADT 2 years ago I have a small bump in PSA. Have been holding steady for the past year at 0.1 and it has moved to 0.2. No biggie, the next one will tell the ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 2h
My wife has been participating in a clinical trial for the last 4 months for her liver cancer. The initial Y90 treatment was ineffective. We went yesterday for a follow up CT. She was lucky enough to get a chance to meet with one of her team ...
Hello would like to connect with survivors of AML thanks
Ciony Category Leukemia 15h
Hi everyone! Had an appointment with doc and she has recommended Nerlynx.... totally my decision and just wondering if anyone has taken it and how it was for you. The company that provides it is to call me with more info but looking at side ...
Jaker204 Category Breast 21h
One month after 30 rounds radiation therapy. I got radiation pneumonia and was sent to the emergency department twice. Now I am using steroids and antibiotics, but I still feel tired, and there will be a lot of clean phlegm and mucus when ...
Mercy Category Lung 23h
Hi all, I'm coming up to a year since my double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. All has gone well, but the plastic surgeon has been in touch asking if I want nipple reconstruction and further work on my stomach, which is pretty ...
Kcw Category Breast 1d
Hello, I am going through chemo for pancreatic cancer and having a terrible time with side effects. The week of my treatment I develop mouth and nose ulcers and cold sores and the week after, I get roaring diarahea. I have treatments for ...
Does anyone have any suggestions to help with eyelid edema? I find my vision in the left eye is somewhat compromised. thank you laia
Is there anyway to retrieve a post I started that was autosaved? This is twice now I have lost my post while writing Dianne
dreamweaver Category Lung 1d
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I put a question mark cause I don't know? I don't know how to feel, I don't know how to think, and I don't feel I am doing enough. I hate, hate seeing my husband in so much pain. I sometimes convince myself that it is not really what is happening ...