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Sex and "the big C". Ok, so you won't find Carrie Bradshaw and her girls lurking here, or a dating service, but you will find a safe, respectful space for cancer survivors navigating the waters of sexual health including: intimacy, dating, marriage, and yes…sex!         For many people, sexuality is a personal subject that can be hard to talk about openly. But talking openly and honestly about sex offers you the best chance of coping with any sexual changes that cancer treatment brings. You or your partner may even think that sex shouldn’t matter that much right now. It’s true that some people don’t think about sex while they fight cancer. But it’s important to note that sex and all the love and caring that go with it – the connection to another person – can be life-affirming.

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    SpeedyStill‍  you are so right.  Thanks for the post.
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    Oh SpeedyStill. That was a great post. How true. Love should really be 100%. Unconditional Love!
  • 7 Replies
    The common misconception is that Love, Intimacy and Sex have to be all bundled together as if we can't have one withou...
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    missing intimancy‍ 

    Welcome to the site and thank you for posting about what many think about and deal with but are no...
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    Momordica‍  said it perfectly .. missing intimancy‍. .  There are other ways to be intimate.    And like he said... t...

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