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Here's a place to talk about things unrelated to cancer. Because who wants to talk about cancer 24/7?

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    SpeedyStill‍   there are so many great things about your hometown  I have seen the reversing falls many times as a ch...
  • 12 Replies
    I was born and brought up in Saint John New Brunswick. In 1604 French Explorers Sieur de Monts and Samuel de Champlain...
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    Life is full of changes; births, deaths, marriage, having children/grandchildren, divorce, illness, moving, jo...
  • 12 Replies
    I walked through another filming location today.  Hints - there were newspaper boxes for The City Tribune and Th...
  • 12 Replies
    Reading about the interesting places where we live I started wondering if these places or ones nearby/farther away...

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