What are the main features of the site?

My Home: My home is your personal dashboard.  On it, you'll find featured content, recent discussions, your friends list, message notifications, bookmarks and a link to your journal. 

You can change your profile photo and edit your profile and account information from this page.  Feel free to tell everyone a bit about your cancer experience. Disclose as much or as little information as you want, stay anonymous or share who you are – it’s up to you. Find out more about protecting your privacy .

Discussions: You can take part in a conversation by either replying to an existing discussion or posting a new thread on a different topic. You can also use the search function to find and subscribe to existing conversations.

Blogs: Your blog is a place to tell your own story. You can add to it whenever you want. Create a short summary of the blog first. Then, for each blog entry, other members can comment, give feedback, offer encouragement or suggest coping tips. Anyone who is logged in can read your blog.

Groups: You can join groups focused on a particular topic. Some of the groups are just for fun and others focus on very specific interests. Members cannot currently create new groups. To join an existing group, click on Groups in the navigation bar. Browse or search the groups and join ones that interest you.  Once you click the Join button you can begin to post immediately. There are a few private groups that require approval to join. You cannot participate in them until your membership request has been approved.

Members: View other member's profile using the browse or search functions. Click on member icons to view their profiles and send them a friend request.

Events: You can post notices for upcoming cancer-related events - support groups, meetings, presentations or conferences that are open to the public.  If you’re interested, others will be too. Click HERE to get started now!

Private messages: You can email privately to other members without revealing email addresses. Find out more about private messaging .

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How do I protect my privacy on the site?

One of the great things about CancerConnection.ca is that you can share problems and worries that you might not be able to talk about with your family and friends. Many members feel that anonymity is valuable to them – it makes them feel safe to share their experiences. However, as is always the case on the Internet, it’s important to take steps to protect your privacy.

Remember that discussions, profiles, groups and events can be viewed by people who aren’t logged in to the community. This is important to enable potential members to find us and get support. Journals can be read by all members who are logged in.

Don’t include details that might be used to identify you or others. Avoid specifics about where you live and work, treatment centre names, etc. If you’re worried about the content of anything you have posted, you can contact us at cancerconnection@cancer.ca.

The same goes for your profile picture. You can choose to return to the default avatar or upload another photo of your own.

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How do I search the site?

There are two ways to search the site. In the top right corner of every page is the "Search the community" box. This will search text in the entire community.

You can also search specific sections of the site by using the Search box that is located a bit lower on each page. The label will tell you what part of the site it searches, and it usually relates to the page you are on. For instance, if you are in the Discussion section, then it will only search within the discussion forums.

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How do I tag or mention someone?

Tagging or mentioning someone is a great way to keep discussions going. When you tag someone, they are notified that you are replying to them. To tag someone in your reply or post, type the "@" symbol and begin typing the username you want. A list of usernames will come up and you can select the one you want from the list. If you have done this correctly the username will appear hyperlinked in blue.

How do I tag a specific keyword or topic?

Tagging helps organize site content into topics that are easily searchable.

Add a hashtag (#) to key words or topics in your post. For example: #radiation #lungcancer #fatigue. When you type the # symbol a list of hashtags will come up and you can choose one or write your own.

Also use the trending topics blocks to find topics of interest.

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How do I change my profile and account settings?

To review or change your settings simply hover over the Dashboard tab and scroll down to the My account selection. This will allow you to change account information, privacy settings and notification settings.

You can further edit the information you provided during registration by hovering over the Dashboard tab and scrolling down to Edit profile.

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How do I change my profile photo?

To change your profile photo, go to your Dashboard and beneath the image is a link to 'Change profile photo.'

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How do the notices to my regular email account work?

You can adjust your settings to receive community notifications and summaries (or digests) by email when and if you want them. To do this go to Dashboard-My account- click through the various privacy, subscription, and notification tabs to select your preferences.

Notifications include friend requests, profile comments, private messages and posts in discussions or groups that you’re following. You can choose to receive these immediately or not at all.

Digests cover most of the site activities. You can adjust your account settings to receive a summary email immediately (default), daily or not at all.

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How does private messaging work?

You can send private messages to your friends in the community without revealing email addresses. Invite members to be friends from the member’s profile page. You can only send messages to friends unless an individual has set their privacy to allow for non-friends to do so.

To send a private message, click Dashboard then My messages. Click 'Compose' and type the name of the member you wish to message. Click the plus sign next to the intended member.

You can choose to receive an email to let you know when a friend has sent you a private message. Go to Dashboard> My account > Notifications.  Under Email Notifications, check ‘Email me when I receive an internal message’. When you receive an email, click the link in the email to open your inbox and send a reply. You cannot use your regular email account to reply.

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How do profile comments work?

When you visit a member's profile page, you have the option to post a comment on their wall. The box says "Say hello!". This is a great place to check-in with people, leave some words of support, and connect. These profile comments are public and can be seen by other members of the community.

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Where and how should I post my questions about cancer?

The Forums area is the best place to share thoughts and experiences. Members can find and respond to your questions and comments easily, and newcomers can benefit too.

Go to Forums and select the discussion category you would like to post in. You can post a new topic, reply to a topic that’s already created, format text, upload photos and add links.

Give your post a descriptive title so members know what your post is about. “Eeeeekkkk” may be the way you feel but “My brother was just diagnosed with cancer and I don’t know how to help him” is more likely to get a response.

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