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Throat cancer
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Hello I am new here….my brother has had throat cancer 6 years ago….this spring he started having a sore throat which radiated to his ear….he has gone to his GP doctor, his ENT and they can't seem to figure out why he has a constant sore throat….they tell him that they don't believe his cancer has recurred….he has difficulty eating certain foods…he says his throat burns when he swallows food….he has lost a lot of weight…he uses “Thicken Up” in his water which seems to help…has anyone with Throat Cancer have severe sore throat after several years

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@Jazzy1! Hello and welcome from AB! I am sorry to hear of your brothers' sore throat/continuation……

You have already posted - terrific…..soon other members will chime in and share greetings, and hopefully be able to answer your concerns, for your brother.

Keep sharing here with us; we are listening….let us support you both!

Welcome Jazzy1


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@Jazzy1! - Welcome to cancer connections. I am going to tag @JamesT who may know something that can help you out.

Must be so hard on your brother not really knowing whats going on.

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