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Bladder Cancer and Smoking
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Hello everyone! I'm new to this group and looking for some advice. My husband is 59 and was diagnosed with bladder cancer two days ago. He is a heavy smoker and not even this has been enough to make him quit. I'm not sure what to do. I know if someone doesn't want to quit, they won't, but it kills me every time I see him go outside to smoke. He has a CT scan next week and his surgery is scheduled for August 8th. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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I understand your concern 100%.

I am an ex smoker and cancer survivor myself.

I quit smoking in 2008 because I wanted to quit, and 8 years later I fought cancer twice. Perhaps your husband will consider quitting in time, given his situation. It takes people some time to process cancer, and cancer can certainly cause more stress on its own. People suggesting to me to quit smoking did not work, and it was the fact of looking after my health finally sinking in, that made me successful in quitting on my own.

Hopefully your husband will consider quitting on his own given his circumstances. Hope this helps.

Keep well


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@specialk I truly wish i had advice for you. My fiance smoked like a chimney. Even a stage 4 cancer diagnosis did not stop him. He smoked going into chemo, after chemo..and even snuck cigarettes into ICU after his cancer surgery. We fought and fought about this. He even tried to get me to lie to the doctors that he quit. We fought because i would not. I screamed at tbe nurses in tbe hospital for ‘letting' him smoke in ICU. They said they can't babysit a 42 year old man. Nothing I said or did was going to stop him. I learned that people will only quit if they want to. No amount of nagging is going to help. I feel for you and wish i had advice. I hope he will quit soon. I truly do. Hugs.

Hello and welcome.

It is hard to see a loved one having health issues and then feeling like they are not doing their utmost to take care of the issue.

I am including a couple of resources that may or may not be well received.

You can quit is for people that may or may not be ready to quit,

Help someone quit may be helpful for you.

Bladder Cancer is a booklet for understanding the diagnosis. There is mention that smoking is the most common risk factor for bladder cancer but it may not be the time for that information now. No doubt this diagnosis has come as quite a blow to him ( and you ) and he may need a little time to settle into it all before considering quitting.

Wishing you both well. Keep us posted as you are comfortable.


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@specialk Have his Drs told him that bladder cancer is very much linked to smoking? He might take it better from them then from you. My husband smoked for 60 years. It took his Dr telling him he had to quit and prescribing the patch that finally worked for him. He had tried many times to quit but nothing worked until he tried the patch. It was amazing to me that from the time he quit 10 years ago that I have not had another recurrence of bladder cancer. I had multiple recurrences over the years and multiple surgeries. The benzene produced in the second hand smoke is a major cause of bladder cancer.

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