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Canada Day plans!

Tomorrow is Canada Day!

Anyone have any rituals or plans for tomorrow?

I hope everyone has a restful weekend!


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@Lacey_Moderator Hello Lacey….

We have no rituals - BUT we will ALL wear Red & White on our walk tomorrow!

Super Matchey Matchey !!


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Hi @Lacey_Moderator and friends

No plans but to relax and enjoy the nice weather. I’m sure I’ll hear and maybe see fireworks over the weekend as folks around here enjoy setting them off at various times of the evening.

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

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Anti vaccers are coming back to town… and rain is promised for tonight… I might go to the local pool this afternoon if weather permits… but a quiet weekend is most likely…

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It's raining where I am…low key day. However, our small town has a FunFest always the Saturday before (which was last Saturday) and they have a Canada Day parade, day events ending with spectacular fireworks. My 7 year old has his birthday this week, so we've always gone and told him that the parade was for him (he now knows it's not, but it is part of his birthday tradition). COVID cancelled the events for the past 2 years. So this year, we decorated his bike and he went in the parade. I walked the parade route with the kids on bicycles…it was 29C.

We have an ancient cabin cruiser that just went into the lake yesterday after 2 years in dry dock. Looking forward to getting aboard today for a bit, probably won't be taking it out but ensuring it's shipshape so that we might get out on the lake later this weekend.

Fly your flag. Feeling proud and fortunate to be a Canadian.


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Thanks for the reminder. I have white socks with a

big red Maple Leaf on them. Haven’t worn them since my cancer was discovered.

Will dig them out and rejoin the festivities!

Clarke Edward

It rained here yesterday so we just hung out at home. Weather today looks much better. I went for a bicycle ride this morning and hope to move from the living room couch to the back deck couch today.

Am I the only person kind of isolating during this journey? My last blood test showed low counts and I’m worried I’ll get sick.

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it was a rainy & cool July 1 here as well.
Alberta is having a terrible summer so far….

sometimes it really does feel like I am the only one left sometimes too!
the only one to wear a mask out of my home.
the only one who still hand sanitizes after using elevator buttons.
the only one who wants to visit out doors.

I am no longer in active treatments, but I do limit my exposure as much as I can….I have a very close circle, (I call it a dot! ha ha), and try to keep my interactions to a minimum.

you do you boo!
tho some of the most careful folks I know have contracted COVID, I know that I am doing everything I can to minimize my exposure and that feels good for me. if only we could see or smell the virus, #amiright??

enjoy the last day of this long weekend.

#summertime #exposurerisks #activetreatments

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