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Happy Family Day!

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Who makes up your family?

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Roy L.
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@Lacey_Moderator My family is made up of my kids and sister, which of course includes my son in law and beautiful granddaughter. I of course have other family but i rarely if ever see or hear from them, family in name only.

But my family also includes a couple very close friends who are amazing. One of those flew in from Ottawa last Tuesday, made sure she had 2 negative covid tests before coming to see me last Friday. We spent some awesome time together from Friday until today.

I hope everyone had a great day today. I got some family and snuggle time. Was an awesome day.



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Friends in Jesus Christ are family
when your husband is abusive emotional, physical spiritual and financial and your grown children don't believe you.

@Bluewater - you do have all of us here on the site as well. I have sent you a private message too.


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as soon as I saw this question--I immediately thought of @Dave58 & @Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt 😍

as Dave used to say: we are all family here!

#fondlyremembered #wearefamily

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