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Mental health and the family
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Hi everyone,

Was interested in trying to see if others may have had experiences like mine. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in my early teens. It was something that came as a shock to everyone and impacted our family in different ways. Not having access to any other sort of support during that time was quite hard for us children and a few years later I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder which was directly related to the trauma of my mother’s diagnosis. I think that my story is not uncommon. Has your family been affected psychologically during or after treatment for cancer?

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@R12 Hello and welcome from AB! So glad you joined us here. We are a caring community……we will listen and share experiences and support one another.

Thank you for sharing, and trusting us, with what happened to you, and your family, when you were younger…..I am quite sure, other members, will soon chime in, and share their stories too. Mental Health is impacted by Cancer….as well as physical health.

Keep sharing…..we are all listening.

Welcome Again


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hello and welcome.

thank you for your post. this is a place to share all aspects of cancer…the way a family is impacted by their parents diagnosis is so important.

terribly sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis and then your later mental health issues.
I agree with you, there must be so many folks that are in the same boat.

I would also propose that COVID has isolated so many that an increase in family issues due to the diagnosis and treatment of a parents cancer would not be unreasonable???

I have seen in my lifetime such a swing regarding cancer in the family.
when I was young my grandma died from cancer, (tho we were never told what it was), to this day, in fact, I don't even know what kind of cancer she had! everything was hidden and whispered about.
fast forward to my own cancer story and I am posting about it on FB & Instagram.
very very different attitudes indeed.

places like this #cancerconnectioncommunity offering peer support for cancer patients AND their families are gold.

another place that really seems to consider the whole family is WellSpring. there are many programs that are all accessible virtually that offer support. I tune in regularly to the film festivals & other presentations…try it out sometime!

thanks again for your post.
thank you for sharing your story.


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