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Research Survey- We need your input!

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is re-imagining how we can involve people affected by cancer in our research funding decisions. We have formed a team of patients, researchers and staff to develop a patient engagement strategy, and we are inviting people affected by cancer to share their input on the draft strategy by completing a survey. Your feedback on this survey will guide CCS’s approach to involving patients in research funding – click here to participate.

The survey takes about 25 minutes to complete and will be open for responses for 3 weeks. Thank you - your input is incredibly valuable!

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@WestCoastSailor, @Kims1961, @ACH2015, @Boby1511, @Bluenoser13, @Cynthia Mac, @Runner Girl, @SusanC, @TravelBugMick, @NickytheCanuck, @supersu, @JustJan

I thought this would interest you folks! Are you able to take a look at the survey?

@Lacey_Moderator absolutely! So sorry I am swamped at work but should have time over the weekend. Will be much more work life balanced in another couple of weeks 🥳

@Lacey_Moderator I completed the survey

Cynthia Mac
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I completed the survey, and have to say: I LOVE the colour yellow, but MAN, that’s bold.

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Done and I just want to say I love the listening that the gang has done. I see some really exciting possibilities for the patient connection in research. I will say I'm glad I'm not the one that has to prioritize those lists though.


Runner Girl
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Done and this is an awesome initiative! Thanks @Lacey_Moderator!

Mtn Girl
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Survey done!

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WOW what a response thank you all :)

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@Lacey_Moderator I tried to do the survey, but your link would not load for me--don't know why…

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