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Looking for resources to help care for my big babbies
Bonnie 660
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I am wondering if there are any services available to help care for pets while going through treatment. I am the mother of 2 six year old great danes Bonnie and Clyde who are providing me with soooo much love as I deal with this. I am recently single ( 3 days prior to surgery) and I am having a great deal of anxiety about my ability to care for them on my own as I wait to find out about my treatment plan. I also worry what will happen if I need to be hospitalized. My first appointment with the cancer clinic is on Sept 24. I had sent them to summer camp (kennel on a farm with 50+ acres) for a week following surgery but the expense of this is great and I missed them terribly. I had a heart attack when they were 6 months old which impacted their training and they do not walk well on a leash. They will follow me anywhere off leash but Bonnie does not play well with others so the dog park is out of the question. Their age and size means they sleep alot which makes them relatively easy to care for at home but the benefit of exercise for myself and them would be great. I just need someone who would help me walk them and possibly step in if I am hospitalized. I live in Brantford Ontario so if anyone knows of services close by please forward the information.

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@Bonnie 660 Hi Bonnie…..I wish I lived in Brantford! (I live in Toronto)……I would luv to walk those 2 (OR, they would take ME for a walk !)…

I don't have pets…..perhaps a local kennel may be able to help at a reasonable cost? Perhaps put up a sign, at local kennel(s) asking for dog walking/feeding help etc?

I wish you only the best!

Please lean on us.



ps that photo made my day!

#sleeping beauties

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@Bonnie 660

Hi there,

Perhaps call one of those centres that provides free lunches and stuff. They may be able to put you in touch with people that would volunteer to help you out. I don't live near you or I'd be happy to volunteer. My good friend works at one of those places here and I'm sure she'd find a volunteer for you. (But ofcourse that is here and not where you live).

Sending you best wishes as you undergo treatment. Hugs to you and the puppies.

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@Bonnie 660

Oh goodness, we love our furbabies, don't we? As the mom of a very very oversized Golden doodle who is extremely wilfull, I can understand your challenges completely.

Is there a local rescue organization specifically for Great Danes in your area? These organizations will sometimes provide assistance to owners in trouble so that the dogs can remain in their homes or temporary foster care if needed. You might also check out groups on Facebook for a GD lovers group that might have connections to organizations or individuals who could help.

Best of luck with your treatment and your big babies!


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@Bonnie 660 good for you for thinking ahead about your furbabies and your own health. You might try contacting the Information Special Helpline and discuss with them. They may be able to provide some information for you. I am including the link below which includes information about their services as well as how to contact them.

Talk to an information specialist | Canadian Cancer Society

I hope you can find a solution that will work for you.

Bonnie 660
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Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and suggestions. I am still working through this but will provide an update when I have some answers.

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