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Back to School with Covid and Chemo?
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Hi - Our community is seeing a lot of COVID cases right now, and the kids (grades 6 and 1) are returning to school soon. My husband is in round 3 of 8 of CAPOX for colon cancer, and I'm wondering about risks to him with the increased COVID circulating in our community. We practice all the recommended public health precautions and we have both received 2 doses of vaccine. We have been locked-down as a family since the community cases started to increase. Any thoughts or advice as I mull this over are welcome! Thanks!

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thanks for this post! it is so timely, and I am sure tons of other folks are wondering the exact same thing.

ugh….what to do…what to do. obviously you have to do what is best for your family and what you are comfortable with. I dont think ANYONE knows right now what is going to happen when the kids go back to school….but we can see that this Delta variant is spreading like wild fire out in our communities.

I have been told by my pharmacist that when 3rd doses are available I should get one pronto because cancer patients have a decreased efficacy of the positive effects of the vaccine, and the 3rd vaccine may prove to be quite effective against the Delta variant.

what is the worst thing that could happen if you and yours continue to isolate?

better safe than sorry would be my thoughts……there is still a small percentage of double vaxxed patients in ICU….probably with comorbidities…..

it is a very hard & personal decision…..stay safe friends.


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Thanks so much for posting. This is definitely a topic on many people's minds.

Does his doctor know you have small kids returning to school? I'm wondering if you guys could chat with the Doctor about any necessary precautions you could take on top of the public health precautions you are already taking?

This is a very hard decision to make and I feel for you.

Keep us posted,


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thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. We are considering the option of my husband isolating with his father in a different community so that the kids can go to school and reduce our risk to him. It would be heart breaking to be away from him though so we're going to keep this as a last resort. I'll be speaking with the principal today too, so hopefully that will provide assurances of the public health measures that are going to be in place.

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Thanks Lacey! We have been speaking with our community oncologist and chemo nurses. I haven't heard from them that he is at greater risk, so I wonder if I'm over worrying (so easy to do when you're on this journey!). It's nice to have my concerns validated here.

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