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Teens and Cancer
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@pmp - I started this thread to connect you and others who have a teen living with cancer. The following thread has some links for teens that your family may find helpful to connect to others. @Amy M also has a teen with cancer. Thank you @Amy M how are things going for you recently?

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pmp‍, I am sorry your daughter has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. We are here for you as you go through this with your daughter.

The website, Ontario Parents Advocating For Children With Cancer, has various resources for parents:


Specifically, their virtual drop-in group for parents on Tuesday evenings may be helpful:


At the same website, there are also links to resources for adolescents/young adults with cancer:

Candlelighters is another group that offers childhood cancer support groups:


I do not have information about resources for parents and their children who have osteosarcoma, but I will post again if I find anything useful. We are here for you, pmp.

Wishing your daughter the best possible outcomes with her tests and treatments.

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Thank you very much for this. I truly appreciate it.

Amy M
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We've still not found any support groups for Teens. Even within the link you attached, either it's only for 19+ or it's a dead link, (ie: 2bMe), or it's ‘learn more information’. So not the supports needed. It's very discouraging. My daughter's is currently getting one-on-one counselling but would greatly benefit meeting other teens who know what it's like to have cancer. I keep looking and researching.
There HAS TO BE SOMETHING out there.

@Amy M

How old is your daughter?

Amy M
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She's 17.
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Hello @Amy M:

Have you tried OPACC, they have Zoom meetings every Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. I am joining their Zoom meeting tomorrow.

Amy M
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Im looking for a support group with and for teens. Not for parents.

Hi @Amy M

Here are some resources I found:

YACC’S GOT YOUR BACK (youngadultcancer.ca)

For Young Adults and Teenagers | Cancer.Net

Home - Canteen

I hope your daughter can check these out!


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