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COVID, Cancer & Blended Families
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Newtocancer‍ had the following on her profile wall and Rnsa‍ was interested, too, so I am posting it here in the Cancer & The Family Forum where people may be more likely to see it. (Welcome to both of you!)

“Hi There..I have a question about COVID, Cancer, and blended families.

I am currently awaiting surgery to have a radical hysterectomy.

My partner has a son who is eleven and who is unvaccinated and lives with us for part of the week. The plan is that my parter will socially distence from his son outside, whenever possible when he is with him. One night a week, he will sleep at our place, only going into his bedroom and using his washroom.

What kind of safety precautions are you using around your little ones?

how are you keeping their little spirits up at this time..?”

Newtocancer‍ and Rnsa‍, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Information Specialists may also have suggestions:


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Welcome, Newtocancer‍ and Rnsa‍ ! I hope you find this support community as helpful as I had when my son wss initially diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Here is an article that talks about COVID-19 stress in children, what it looks like and how to help them.

KikiMoon‍ and JJyuki‍ both have young children and may have suggestions with how they deal with covid-19 stress in their kids and risk of infection from their kids. Thank you ladies!


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Hello Newtocancer‍& Rnsa

I have a 6 and 8 year old and I started with just explaining to them the importance of “keeping mommy safe”. I told them that chemo makes my body extremely vulnerable to getting sick, so it’s very important to always wear a mask and social distance at school and when they are out.

precautions we have at home:
- I quarantine myself in my room most of the time. (I’m going through chemo right now)
- Everyone is masked when I have interactions with anyone.
- we open all the windows in the house during the day for airflow.
- we keep our bubble very small, and utilize FaceTime a lot.

It’s definitely been tough keeping their spirits up. They enjoy video games, so i relaxed the amount of game time lately (keeps them happy). I just started the cancer journey 1.5 months ago so I’m still adapting :( . Hoping for others to chime in with some other ideas.
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Thank you, Trillium‍ and JJyuki‍, for your responses. Very helpful!

JJyuki‍, wishing you the best possible outcome as you go through chemo.
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