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Meaningful Cards for Patients
Jessica C
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Hi everyone! Happy Mother’s Day! My name is Jess and I’ve been organizing a Breast Cancer Initiative at my school in honor of my mother who passed away 5 years ago to breast cancer. Part of our initiative is sending out meaningful cards to breast cancer patients at the Women’s College Hospital. We’d like to share with you these thoughtful encouraging messages written from students, staff and friends!! I hope this brightens your day and feel free to share these with anyone who may enjoy our letters! Have a lovely rest of the week!!


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Jessica C‍ ...wow... Thank you so so much for this beautiful idea. How very thoughtful of you. I have read some of the cards( there are so many) and I cried a little. Your Mom couldn't be more proud of you Jess.
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Wow, Jessica! This is such a beautiful idea! Thanks so much for sharing and I’m so sorry for your loss.

Warn hugs
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Hi Jessica C
Your Mom must have been a very special person to have raised such a thoughtful daughter.
You probably think of her everyday and I hope that today’s thoughts are extra special.
Thank you. 🌸

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@Jessica C Hi Jessica….I too cried 2 kleenexes worth…..thank you for sharing this with us……I am sorry, for the loss, of your mom…..what lovely words and more, you shared…..



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Jessica C

what a lovely idea. I am sure your Mother is looking down and smiling at the beautiful person you are becoming. I am positive your lovely letters have made some of the ladies here smile though some difficult times. I love that these letters had personal touches to them. You have made me smile. Thank you for being you

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Jessica C‍ This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. What a wonderful way to honour the memory of your mother. I'm sure she is with you in your heart. Thank you for shining your light and helping others! ❤
Jessica C

What an amazing idea and response from your students. Students often lose track of reality when they put energy into their school subjects. Connecting them to cancer patients is an amazing gift both for them and the patients that receive them. I have a T-shirt from Relay to Life that a teacher took into her classroom and had students write messages of hope on. Everytime I put it on I feel connected to those unknown students.

I mentor the Creation Nation group on the forum and would love to have you add a link in the resources thread of the group. Here is a link to the thread. https://cancerconnection.ca/groups/forums/viewtopic/93/12230/66479 If you can't get there, with your permission I could repost it for you.


Thank you for doing this Jessica C‍ and sharing them with us. I have no doubt the patients at Women's College Hospital were buoyed by these wonderfual messages and art work.

Jessica C
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Hi WestCoastSailor‍ !

Thank you so much for the suggestion!! I posted it as a topic into the group forum! I'm not sure if I did it correctly (I just made an account yesterday) but I hope it got sent and reaches those who would connect with the letters! Feel free to repost it if I posted it incorrectly!

Have a great day!
Jess :)
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