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Free tonight? Please join us
Hello Everyone,

"Facts bring us to knowledge, but stories lead to wisdom.”

The Canadian Cancer Society and Wellspring Calgary are excited to present the 2021 online Digital Storytelling Film Festival. Over the past 5 years, cancer survivors and supporters connected to both organizations, have been creating short Digital Stories about their experiences. These stories are personal and full of wisdom about living well with, through, and beyond cancer.

  • Thursday, Feb 25, 2021
  • 6:00 PM -7:30 PM MST
Register here: GameTime -- Wellspring Calgary
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Had an appointment yesterday and am sorry that I missed what I understand was a really worthwhile virtual session. Understand that this is only the first of a series and, if so, when is the next one?



MCoaster‍ the screenings are the 4th Thursday of the month.
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Hi, Lacey_Moderator

I was able to join it last night. Although I left early but was able to get most of it, it was a a great experience, I have already reserved a spot for the next one in March.

I think its a great experience talking to people who have had similar experiences as myself, even if its a different type.

Thank you,

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It was such a great experience. Loved it! I love that quote too.
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