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COVID-19 - Poems for the Lockdown
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Emotional poems for coronavirus / COVID-19 lockdown sufferers about Depression, Despair, Faith and Triumph. While we nervously wait for a vaccine and this lockdown to end many people are finding comfort in reading poetry during these difficult times. Here are some reflections on life amid Covid-19.
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MPM‍  Thanks for sharing Christine’s poems. I agree that Poetry, whether reading or writing,  is another way to cope with the the stress of COVID. She was such a talented writer. I like your COVID and emotional awareness quote.

“It is normal to feel sad, distressed, worried, confused, scared or angry when experiencing a situation such as COVID-19. However, signs of severe emotional distress, such as persistent insomnia, interpersonal problems, disabling fear, increased use of alcohol or drugs, indicate you should reach out for help.”

Take care

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