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Kids in school as Covid cases rise?
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Hi everyone

I'm curious about how sequestered other people going through cancer treatment are as Covid cases rise again. 

I rarely go out except for groceries or other really quick trips to the store. But my kids are in school and my daughter is playing hockey. 

While my anxiety about the potential exposure is extremely high, as a family we’re trying to balance the educational need and mental health of our kids with the risk to me if one of us were to be exposed to Covid.  My daughter struggles with depression and anxiety. Being isolated significantly increases the depression and we fear for her safety and well-being. 

I’d love to know what decisions others have made.  

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Wendy Tea
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KEA44‍  This is a great question that many families are grappling with now. Definitely the children need to be in school socializing after such a long period of isolation. The important thing is to make sure everyone is cautious about personal contact, isolating when sick, and following the guidelines.  Being respectful and cautious can easily be discussed with your family. Take care and stay safe.
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KEA44‍ - My 11yr old grandson really struggled with the isolation. I agree with Wendy Tea that being at school is important. My grandson also lives on n a very rural area with just a few friends so it was even harder. The upside is there are no cases of covid there so far. This article from Sick Kids hospital is really good! 
KEA44‍ Although I don't have any kids in school, I do have twin niece's that are 12. They do better when they are in different classes. Because of Covid they were in the same class at the beginning. But my one niece didn't get registered for one of the classes that she wanted. So now they are in different classes. She had to isolate for 2 weeks while in school, lunches alone. It must be difficult for her as she's a hugger plus she likes to socialize.
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KEA44‍  we struggled a lot for our decision. The kids, starting grade 9, 7, and sk, wanted to go to school so bad. But we kept them on distance learning. It's not only me, my mom is also immunocompromised, and my dad is 80 years old. The kids were not happy about because they missed their friends, where excited to be in new schools. If the school board and government made a better plan maybe. At my son's high school they have 3 case. When the first came out he turned to me and said I'm staying home. 
i hope next  school year everything is better and the kids can go back.
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Thanks everyone for your engagement!

Danae‍ it's encouraging to hear your son made the choice to stay home when cases appeared.  So far our kids schools have no confirmed cases so fingers crossed but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

The thing that I'm finding hardest, is that I feel afraid of my kids.  They want to cuddle and I do because I think that closeness, especially right now, is so important but the whole time I feel uncomfortable.  It's the worst feeling.

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