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Let's Discuss...exercising at home

With physical distancing in effect over the last few months, many people may have adapted their exercise routines. Are you currently exercising at home? Did you start exercising at home due to social distancing?

For more information on exercising at home during COVID-19 watch our webinar here!

 Share your tips for exercising from home below.
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Hi Lacey_adminCCS‍ .  There are some wonderful  workouts on line that I found.   The ones I love to do are ' team body project ' I choose a different  one each day and do about a half hour .   Thry have different  levels so you can choose whatever level you can keep up with.    
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Speaking of exercise  we got an email that our building  pool is open.    Only residents allowed now.. no guests.. only 3 people at a time.. we must book when we want to go in..  we only get an hour.    Only security can open up the pool now.... I'm debating  to go with covid still going on but Ontario  seems to be doing well now keeping it under control.      What do you guys think. . Swimming.. safe or not?      
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My daughter and I do different classes, we FaceTime and watch a class on YouTube. We have also done Team body project and another good one is exercise tv, lots of good classes there, gentle yoga. I also go walking and running.
Brighty‍ i think swimming would be okay.
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I bought a pedal exercise machine, not specifically for Covid, but to get through the Canadian winter!  It’s like an exercise bike but without the bike - just the pedals.  You can get it for under $50, and you can set it up anywhere. And you can put it on a table and use it for your arms as well. 
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Under those circumstances; I'd be in there like a dirty shirt! :)

SO great that you have found a way to work out at home! Have you always done this?

I found this info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding pools: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/parks-rec/aquatic-venues.html. It sounds like your building is taking the required safety steps.

Did you swim often before?

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Thanks so much for sending Lacey_adminCCS‍ ! I only started doing the on line workouts  since covid.    Before covid I was an avid swimmer... down at the pool almost  daily.     Once in a while down at the gym.    Then when covid started  I went for walks but I thought I needed something  that really makes me sweat.     So I went on line and googled 'cardio workouts ' and that's what came up in my search.    Team body project.     It's a cute married couple who run the workouts and now thry are a daily fixture in my condo.    Part of my  daily routine.    
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